Free Book Weekend!

I know posting on weekends is sort of like talking to yourself, but wanted to let readers know that my very first novel, The Sleepless Nanny is FREE all weekend.  Why THIS weekend? Because this marks the first anniversary of the death of my dear friend Paul Steed who liked my novel so much he designed the cover. Here’s his review.

5.0 out of 5 stars I loved this book so much I had to create a better cover! After reading The Sleepless Nanny I actually asked the author if I could make a better cover for her. Seriously. I have read a book a week for 36 yrs. Mostly sci-fi, fantasy or otherwise non-chick-flick-like I could not stop reading this book. I’m an artist and a creative type so appreciate, value and respect another artist at work. The author paints a picture with her words while her voice is ‘heard’ very, very easily. I cared about Michelle and what happened to her. I was fascinated by the whole nanny thing so found myself interested in the whole subject. As a dedicated philogynist I love the opposite sex but relish in my ignorance of it. The author needs to consider writing a book on helping men understand women because John Gray be damned – I learned more about the female species being entertained by ‘Sleepless Nanny’ than anything online or otherwise available. If you’re a guy buy it. If you’re a girl tell your Neanderthal male friends to buy it!.

It makes me laugh because while the review is very complimentary about my book, the review is also very much about Paul. He was complex, brilliant, fascinating and often self-destructive. Do you know an artist who isn’t? Anyway, I miss my friend, and the world is less interesting without him in it.

Free Nanny Weekend
Download Me For FREEEEEEEEE!

The book is free until 11:59pm PDT Sunday August 11. Download it HERE AND NOW.

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