When to release and promote your books

There are those who say that authors should release a book simultaneously in digital and paper form. Their argument being that everyone who wants to read your book should be able to. If they want to give you money, why make them wait? Well, I’ll tell you. Every new format is a chance to promote your... Continue Reading →

B.Y.O.P – Be Your Own Publisher

I've been blogging about my trials and errors in this writing thing for a couple years now. From a post about discovering Kindle Direct Publishing and unearthing a long-lost novel, to crowdfunding a research trip, I've shared the journey with my blog readers. If you've found my writing tips interesting or helpful, I'm collecting them... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Cover – Griefed

It's sort of a funny story--now--but at the time it stressed me out so much I was losing sleep over it. My cover artist was missing. I found Brett Parson by chance. I searched "book cover" on Deviantart and discovered his amazing work. I asked if he'd take a commission and he said yes. Two... Continue Reading →

How to make a paperback

Ever since my first book released for Kindle, people have been asking for a printed version. A 'real' version. They don't have a Kindle, they just don't like ebooks, whatever. That's a blog post in itself, right? Anyway, recently the second book in my mystery/crime series came out on Kindle, and it seemed like a... Continue Reading →

Roswell or Bust! A reader-funded research trip

And now for an experiment in novel research and crowd funding! I've been to every location in the first two Lexy Cooper books Schooled and Pwned. Granted, they weren't all that exotic--just Los Angeles in Schooled and Vegas in Pwned. But in the third book, due in early 2014, the most important part of the... Continue Reading →

Free Book Weekend!

I know posting on weekends is sort of like talking to yourself, but wanted to let readers know that my very first novel, The Sleepless Nanny is FREE all weekend.  Why THIS weekend? Because this marks the first anniversary of the death of my dear friend Paul Steed who liked my novel so much he... Continue Reading →

A Deep Breath — Moving on to the Next Book

I began writing the first Lexy Cooper crime novel Schooled on May 3 2012 and finished the first week of August. It came out on November 6. I started noodling on the second Lexy book, Pwned, while Schooled was in the editing process, but I didn't hunker down and really start making progress until December,... Continue Reading →

Get Schooled for 99 cents!

Broke? Cheap? You've got enough money jingling in your pocket or collecting lint in your sofa cushions for what readers have called "a straight-up page turner" "a captivating thriller" and "a twisty-turney perfect murder mystery" To celebrate the imminent release of Pwned (Lexy Cooper #2), the first Lexy adventure, Schooled is on sale for just... Continue Reading →

Bad as I Wanna Be – Character or Heroine?

Lexy Cooper is the protagonist of my mystery series set in the videogame business. You'll notice I didn't use the word "heroine." There's a reason for that. She's not heroic. She's not a role model. I don't want Lexy to be a good girl. To always do the right thing. To know all the answers.... Continue Reading →

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