Cover Art: The Christmas Edition

I know some of you are already bitching “There’s Christmas shit next to the Halloween candy!” So let me further assault your eyes. You may know from a previous post that I am releasing a Lexy Cooper Christmas story this season. For shits and giggles and as a sort of experiment in short-form content and interest in it.

Short-story or horse-choking epic saga–you need a cover image. So I looked at what other Christmas crime/mystery titles had done. Here’s a sampling:

Fatal Fruitcake Mistletoe Merriment and Murder Mystery - A Christmas Garland

Pretty dang twee, if you know what I’m saying. Got anything a little…bloodier?

Christmas Corpse Caper murderchristmasriver The First Day of Christmas

That right there is about as violent as it gets. Broken tree ornaments and gingerbread cookies are very popular in this genre, but it seems as though authors and cover artists keep it pretty innocuous for the holidays. At least that’s what I found scrolling through ten pages of covers on Amazon. I have a book to finish writing, after all–this isn’t my master’s thesis or anything.

So no blood and gore, and no particularly ominous images. Fair enough. But what I also didn’t see were any sexy images. Not even really for the Christmas romance titles. Aha, thought I, there’s how my book can stand out. So I went to the artist Brett Parson, who created Lexy’s look with the covers of Schooled and Pwned and gave him–as usual–pretty minimal direction. Lexy should be wearing something “skanky–but Christmassy” and should be basically “giving Santa a lap dance.”

He sent back this sketch.

lexysanta1Does he get me, or what? I’m particularly fond of the way he’s intertwined their fingers. Great detail! Anyway check it out, here’s the final art:

Artist Brett Parson did the lines in Sketchbook Pro and colors in Photoshop.

So there it is! I’m confident that someone searching for a Christmas mystery or story will undoubtedly notice my offering.

My original plan was to release it November 1, but… I’m already seeing holiday themed fiction rising the ranks on Amazon. And my editor and I are thisclose to being done.

So I ask you, readers and authors: Should I release mid-October and get two extra weeks of goodness, or wait? Remember, it will be over and “last season” on December 26.



I took your advice and released it! I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa is available now on for a mere 99 cents.

Get your copy here


  1. If it’s ready, release it! October is reasonable for holiday stuff IMO, and I can read it before I get really super busy with the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

    The cover is very Lexy, love it.

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