My new book is out!

This is a proud moment for me seeing the first three Lexy books under one cover. Also new: this one released in eBook and paperback simultaneously. The book is a big 'un: it runs over 600 pages and weighs more than 2 pounds. Slip oneĀ under the tree of your favorite reader. Super duper thanks to... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Cover – Griefed

It's sort of a funny story--now--but at the time it stressed me out so much I was losing sleep over it. My cover artist was missing. I found Brett Parson by chance. I searched "book cover" on Deviantart and discovered his amazing work. I asked if he'd take a commission and he said yes. Two... Continue Reading →

Cover Art: The Christmas Edition

I know some of you are already bitching "There's Christmas shit next to the Halloween candy!" So let me further assault your eyes. You may know from a previous post that I am releasing a Lexy Cooper Christmas story this season. For shits and giggles and as a sort of experiment in short-form content and... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Cover

Even in these days of ebooks and thumb-nail sized images browsed on mobile phones, an author's first interaction with potential readers is often the book cover. When I published my first book, "The Sleepless Nanny," I went with a generic auto-generated image supplied by Amazon that featured only the title and my name. Then my... Continue Reading →

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