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The third Lexy Cooper novel, Griefed,  is just two weeks away. It’s totally okay if you want to jump into Lexyworld with this book, but do you really know anyone who starts reading a series with #3? No, of course not.

So I’m making it easy for you to get caught up on our story so far. I can’t help you read fast (though tons of people read Lexy books in a couple of sittings) but I am providing a little extra incentive.

SchooledCoverSchooled was Lexy’s debut and concerns the murder of a young blonde public relations manager. There are also comic books, video games, tattoos, and quite a bit of sex. Right now you can take advantage of Schooled‘s Kindle Countdown Promotion. Here’s how it works: right now (2/13) you can get the eBook for just 99 cents. On 2/15 the price goes up to 1.99, and then finally on 2/19 it will return to the original price of 3.99.

Pwned is the second book in the Lexyverse, in which she learns to shoot, gets in trouble at work, and investigates the murder of a game developer account guy. There are strippers, HR complaints, meth dealers and the FBI (plus more sex). From 2/24 – 2/28 Pwned will be FREE to download. That’s right, gratis. PwnedCoverSmall

Griefed will be available on 2/28, and by then you could be all caught up on the story!


Schooled = .99 through 2/14, then 1.99 through 2/18

Pwned = Free 2/24 – 2/28

Griefed = comes out 2/28

Just like the headline says, if you grab Schooled today or tomorrow and then download Pwned between 2/24 and 2/28, you will score two books for less than a dollar!

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