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griefedcoverSMALLThinking of jumping into the world of Lexy Cooper? Feeling apprehensive? Well, let me help you. I’m going to provide you with some background and general information so you can get to know Lexy and her world a little better.

Getting to Know Lexy

First of all, Lexy Selina Cooper lives in an apartment in Redmond, a suburb of Seattle, Washington. She drives a green 1968 Karmann Ghia because it matches her eyes. She works at the gaming company, Xenon as a community manager and has recently become an online celebrity with the creation of a weekly video series for Xenonline called “Hello Xenon.”

She has penchant for swearing, butterscotch candies, tight retro t-shirts, and trouble. Her boss, Reg, keeps a running tally of how many times she uses the f-word in meetings. She cares about politics if you consider her fantasies about Bill Clinton to be “caring.”

Lexy’s dad, Abe owns Cooper Comics and runs it with her brother Kent. Abe tries tries to get Lexy to eat new and healthy things to her horror. Kent helps Lexy with computer issues and gives her a hard time as only brothers can do. Mike Malick, a former soldier, is a detective with the Redmond Police Department who became friends with the Coopers when Lexy was a child.

Lexy loves greasy carb-loaded foods and tries to stay away from all that healthy tasteless crap. Diet Coke and latte’s are her go-to drinks. She also smokes but usually only in times of stress or after a hook-up. Many times you can find Lexy and Mike at Angelo’s Restaurant having a delicious Italian dinner, one of Lexy’s favorite spots to eat and Mike’s favorite spot to find a willing woman to keep him company for the night.

Lexy is involved with Nate Howard, one sexy bad boy, who also happens to be married. Lexy is a big girl and takes her relationship in stride, no matter how much others try to steer her in the other direction. Nate is compared to the likes of a drug addiction and many times makes Lexy question what she is doing.

Lexy is smart, vocal, beautiful, and strong. She is something to be reckoned with when she is angry or upset. She can take on the best of chauvinistic pigs and lazy coworkers and make them rue the day they messed with her.

That being said, Lexy is not without her antagonists. They can be found in the form of Agent 54 and the Tennessee Tornado. Lexy has several encounters with both through her escapades which she handles in pure Lexy form, aka videos, hair-pulling, and perfectly created insults.

First Three Lexy CoversLexy’s Rap Sheet


Lexy is summoned to the Xenon campus by Detective Malick. One of her coworkers, Callie Caldwell, has been found dead and Lexy has to identify the body. Talk about a “bad morning.”

From there, Lexy becomes very busy trying to solve the mystery of Callie’s murder, kicking off “Hello Xenon”, and trying to manage her relationship with Nate. Although Mike was reluctant to let her help him with the case, he learns soon enough he needs Lexy to help him decipher the techy language and gaming world. Mike realizes Lexy is quite adept at finding evidence and clues despite the trouble that Lexy also manages to find.

Not long after the events in Schooled, Lexy discovers the body of another murdered coworker–this time it’s Declan Brown, a game development manager. Needless to say, Lexy is becoming a bundle of nerves. She is quickly becoming very popular with “Hello Xenon”, still trying to figure out what to do with Nate, dealing with a new sneaky coworker (Agent 54, a middle-aged white guy brought in for “diversity.”) and a hot firearms instructor/snowboarder named Ash who has secrets of his own.

With some help from her hacker friend, Violator, Lexy begins to dig into the murder of Declan Brown while Mike works with his team, Officers Mark Rogers and Cricket Yi, interviewing persons of interest, questioning suspects, and butting heads with the feds.

I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa

Lexy goes to the Xenon holiday party and in between flirting with Santa, singing karaoke, and getting in a catfight, manages to help Malick solve the case of a missing video game console prototype.

Dewars-12YO-lgDetective Mike Malick

Mike Malick is a huge part of Lexy’s life and a portion of each story is told from Malick’s point of view. There are many sides to Mike.

He is smart and has a no-nonsense attitude. Until recently, Lexy referred to Mike as her “Uncle Mike” and Mike thought Lexy as a kid; but with recent events Mike now sees her as the adult she has grown into. He loves to stay at Lexy’s apartment when she is out of town so he can watch cable. He, of course, always leaves a mess. Mike knows Lexy better than anyone else so he is not shy about trying to help Lexy make the right decision and scolding her when needed.

Mike is also known to  have a way with the ladies. His charm and determination also make him an excellent detective. There is definitely more to Mike than meets the eye and will sure to be revealed in future stories.

Who’s Who In the Lexyverse

  • Mike Malick – Homicide Detective, Gulf War vet, long-time friend of the Coopers.
  • Ash Brevik – 6’5” of muscle and hotness. Champion snowboarder. Lexy love.
  • Nate Howard – Bar brawlin’ boot-wearin’ tattooed bad boy of Lexy’s dreams.
  • Kent Cooper – Lexy’s older brother. Uber nerd who works at Cooper Comics.
  • Abe Cooper – Lexy’s father. Former hippie, current vegan and comics slinger.
  • Trent Perry – Lexy’s cameraman. Enjoys hemp products. A lot.
  • TJ Fairfield – Lexy’s smartass assistant. Resembles a dancing bear.
  • Henry Frasier/Agent 54 – Lexy’s arch enemy. Hosts a Xenonline show, avoids work.
  • Josh Barley – Marketing dude. Occasional Lexy hookup. Has crazy wife, Ginger (Tennesse Tornado).
  • Kim Ambrose – Lexy’s work wife and shoulder angel. Managing editor of
  • Jimmie Vath – Xenon CTO and visionary. Rich. Inspiring. A bit kinky.
  • Reg Morley – Lexy’s boss. Looks like a walrus, talks like an Aussie. Yells a lot.
  • Dave Kingsley – Lexy’s boss’s boss. Midwestern with a healthy slice of DERP.
  • Kari Hertzberg – Forensic investigator. Often found in the company of corpses.
  • Cricket Yi – Rookie cop with a Master’s in Criminology. Interned at the FBI.
  • Mark Rogers – Police officer learning the ropes from Detective Malick.
  • Kenny Longworth – Security Officer at Xenon. Keeps eye on Lexy for Mike.

Want More Lexy?

You can also find out more about Lexy, Mike and the rest of the Lexy Cooper Universe at Lexy also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to respond to your questions, compliments, and marriage proposals. There is also the Team Lexy Newsletter to keep you informed of her shenanigans, contests, favorite stuff, and upcoming stories.

LexyBadGirlGet Your Lexy On

You can get Schooled and Pwned now for Kindle and paperback. In addition, you can also pick up Lexy’s Christmas short story I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa. Next up is Griefed, Lexy’s 3rd book which arrived on February 28th. Remember Lexy is waiting and she is getting low on Diet Coke and cigarettes.

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