words about words

It is done.

What began with a lump almost one year ago is finally over.

From the diagnosis

Turdy the tumor ultrasound

Darth Turdy

Through six rounds of chemotherapy


Rocking the chrome dome during Round 3

Surgery on my breast and lymphnodes


Damn you, cancer!

and 30 doses of radiation,


this blog has been a place for me to collect my thoughts, sort out how I felt about what was happening to me, document the experience for the future, and sort of inadvertently–though in the end most importantly–help fellow cancer patients feel they weren’t alone.

I went from this:


1st dose chemo. May 5, 1015

To this:


Today. December 30, 2015

Thank you for going along for the ride. Thank you for not turning away from the ugly realities of scars and chemo shits, peeling nipples and weakness, doubt, and flat-out terror. You kept me going, readers.

What’s next?

First, the end is not the end. The day after my final dose of radiation, I was back at the hospital for an echocardiogram. I’ve got Herceptin infusions every three weeks until May. I’ll start a five-year hormone therapy treatment mid-January, and in the interim I’ll have a bone-density test and another MRI on the “good” boob. I’ll have diagnostic-level mammograms for the next three years. I told my daughter all this isn’t fighting cancer because the cancer is gone. It’s more like treatment that says “…And STAY OUT!”

IMG_4398Because of all this ongoing…stuff, it’s been sort of hard for me to call this “the end.” Then I received a fancy bottle of champagne from my dear friend Sara. I mean, how could you NOT celebrate with this? So I decided to stick a pin in this moment and create a milestone. This is the end of one journey. I made it. And now it’s behind me.

There WILL be a celebration. I’m still figuring out the details. Is it selfish to throw yourself a I Kicked Cancer’s Ass party? Would anyone show up? I want to celebrate it being over of course, but I also want to celebrate the friends and family and even strangers who made it easier.


8 thoughts on “Breast Cancer: The End.

  1. StacieM says:

    Fuck NO it’s not selfish to throw yourself a party! It should be a requirement! You celebrate THE SHIT out of kicking cancer’s ass!

  2. LadyJai says:

    celebrate the life you fought for! Celebrate the lives you get to see grow up and grow old. Celebrate the love and friendships you can continue to enjoy. And then, in 5 years, when you’re completely finished, celebrate it all over again!

    Hell no it’s not selfish to celebrate kicking cancer’s ass because all the above is what it’s all about.

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    Caring for my Veteran

  3. Russ g says:

    Let’s party! How can I help ?
    We are so happy

  4. John Porcaro says:

    I would love to share a fuck you cancer toast with you! So glad this has the end it does! Love ya!

  5. Adrian says:

    Been following your treatment on the blog. So happy for you and your family! So glad you kicked cancer’s ass!!!

  6. I second (is it really seconding when there are hundreds of people who agree?) what the others here and on Facebook have said. Celebrate the hell out of this. It’s not selfish at all. It’s like letting people celebrate your birthday. An excuse to celebrate that we have you around.
    And I’m so very glad that we do.
    Love you! I’m celebrating with or without you!

  7. Bev says:

    I found a quote by Lance Armstrong that fits…”Cancer may leave your body, but it does not leave your life” So celebrate that cancer has left your body!!

    This week I quit wearing my wig to work. I have just enough bird feather hair to feel like my scalp is no longer bald. So I got brave and went without. It feels good.

    I too still have some steps ahead of me. Doc decided radiation would be a good thing. But at this point the cancer has left my body and that feels good!!

    Congrats to you!

    1. trixie360 says:

      Congrats to you too Bev!

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