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My friends and scholars at Not Your Mama’s Gamer are streaming Video games on Twitch and taking donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides mammogram, education and support for women in need. 80% of donations goes directly to help patients–compare that to some other breast cancer charities!

Click here to learn more and donate! Right here!!

If you’re a long- time reader, I think you’ll enjoy the stream and feel good about giving. If you’re a new reader, this cause is probably as close to your heart as it is mine. Plus, you might learn something new about video games! Hint: it’s not just teenagers in basements. 

Heck, if you don’t give a poop about gaming, you can throw five bucks at NBCF so someone less fortunate can get a potentially life-saving boobsquish.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my cancer free boobs! 

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