It’s a Mammothon!

My friends and scholars at Not Your Mama's Gamer are streaming Video games on Twitch and taking donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides mammogram, education and support for women in need. 80% of donations goes directly to help patients--compare that to some other breast cancer charities! Click here to learn more and... Continue Reading →

Schooled is free this week

Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try the Lexy Cooper mystery series? There's no time like the...present. From December 7 through 11 the digital version of Schooled (Lexy Cooper 1) is absolutely FREE! What's Schooled about? Lexy Cooper is a Community Manager at Xenon Corporation, maker of the Xenon24/7 videogame console and... Continue Reading →

9 years, 900 posts – Adventures in Blogging

When I made my most recent blog post, I saw this: Yeah, NINE HUNDRED posts. Crazy, right? I guess not so crazy when you consider that I started blogging on Windows Live Spaces on December 2, 2004. Back then I started the blog for one reason: Windows Live Spaces was about to get Xbox Live... Continue Reading →

Gaming with Kids: Crawl, Walk, Game

Last week marked the debut of my new column at It's called Crawl, Walk, Game, and it's all about my experiences gaming with my youngest child. I've had great feedback so far, so give it a read, won't you? Next week I'll be writing about educational apps from Duck, Duck, Moose, and in June... Continue Reading →

Bad as I Wanna Be – Character or Heroine?

Lexy Cooper is the protagonist of my mystery series set in the videogame business. You'll notice I didn't use the word "heroine." There's a reason for that. She's not heroic. She's not a role model. I don't want Lexy to be a good girl. To always do the right thing. To know all the answers.... Continue Reading →

Sexism in Games – A Mea Culpa

If Meaghan Marie’s recent post about the sexism she’s encountered in the games industry was at all shocking to you, you either don’t work in the games industry or you’ve had your head up your ass. I applaud her for writing it—it took guts. But she’s just shedding light on attitudes and practices that are... Continue Reading →

It’s heeeeere!

This post is a bit tardy. After all my new mystery novel "Schooled" has been available for a smidge over a week now and I'm just getting around to posting about it. However, the up-side is that I have a week's worth of  stuff to talk about other than a link to the Amazon page.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Xbox LIVE!

You're getting to be a big boy now, XBL. Nine years old! Next year you'll be in the double digits and that's a big deal! I remember when you were a tiny little baby not yet born into the world. You held the hopes and dreams of all your mommies and daddies and aunts and... Continue Reading →

PAX Prime: What Me Do

Some of my very best gaming memories are PAX-related. From my first encounter with gamerstench back at PAX #2, to my Freedom Fest/Re-Bachelorette/Bad Behavior I Don't Remember Party in 2007 to showing off my hawt Marine fiance in 2008, a good time was had by me.  After bringing an infant to '09 and skipping  '10,... Continue Reading →

A Drinking Problem

No, I don't have one. Not drinking is my problem. Abstaining from alcohol or not being fully committed to gettin slizzard seems to be less socially acceptable than being a raging alcoholic.  Why is that? The last time I drank a lot of alcohol was three years ago about a month before I met my... Continue Reading →

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