Backstory: Don’t Blow Your Load

I’ve seen some writing advice that suggests would-be writers know their characters as well as they know themselves. To come up with a complete dossier on their background including their family tree, the name of their first pet, favorite color, college minor, and blood type. Bullshit. That may be a fun exercise, but it’s a... Continue Reading →

Day Sixteen – Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM

More adventures from the road. This time: Route 66!

Victory Lap

Today we drove 285 miles.

Amarillo to Albuquerque Two states, two time zones.

We started Day Sixteen with a trip to Cadillac Ranch. I’m a huge Springsteen fan and poor Dana and Allison had to listen to me sing the song all morning. A nice couple gave us their leftover spray paint so we could make our mark on this iconic public art installation.

10256696_10152071403682616_184178627462537381_o “Tearin’ up the highway like a big ol’ dinosaur!” (don’t sue me, Boss)

Allison found it frustratingly difficult to depress the button on the spray can, so Daddy had to help. She was happy with the end result though!

photo (81)

Dana also commemorated his visit (and the reason for the Victory Lap).


Next, we took off on the legendary “Mother Road” – Route 66. It doesn’t look all that momentous, but it was a really cool moment for us. The beginning of Phase Two of the Victory Lap. This is…

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Day Ten – Tallahassee, FL to New Orleans, LA

You haven’t seen anything from me for a while because my family is on a month-long road trip to celebrate my husband’s retirement from the Marine Corps. Join us on our “Victory Lap.”

Victory Lap

On the tenth day of our journey we traveled 385 miles.

Day 10 Tallahassee to NOLA

And crossed three state lines.

three state lines

But our day started with a visit from the Easter Bunny, who left some goodies for Allison in the hotel room AND the car.

photo (52)

Unlike most days, we needed to arrive at a particular place by a particular time. The place was Rivista, a cafe/bakery owned by a friend of mine from high school and her husband (Lisa and Chris Barbato), and they close at three p.m. on Sundays. So, we packed as much as we could on Saturday night and managed to get on the road by 7:45 Easter morning.

What we failed to take into account was that we left the Eastern Time Zone somewhere along the way and entered the Central Time Zone. This caught us off guard but it wasn’t a problem. The weather was rainy through Florida, but…

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My 4 year old video game assistant Check out my column Crawl, Walk, Game over at The Married Gamers. In this installment, I wrote about playing games on the PC, iPad, and DS with my 4-year-old daughter. Not kids games; MY games.

Read the first chapter of Schooled! Free!

  Here's chapter one of Schooled, the first Lexy Cooper murder mystery. Probably NSFW. Don't say I never gave you anything for free. :)Schooled (Lexy Cooper Mystery #1) Chapter One Kenny Longworth walked the perimeter of building D on the Xenon corporate campus. It was the beginning of his security shift at seven a.m. Thursday and he... Continue Reading →

These are the shirts you’re looking for. Introducing Anti Pink T’s!

There are times in life when you bitch about things and move on. And there are times --more rare, certainly-- that you bitch about something and then DO something to fix it. Remember my rant about the girls t-shirts at Target? Those fluffy nothing shirts make me want to rage. Well this time, I'm doing... Continue Reading →

T-shirts for girls hit the wrong Target

Ever since learning that my youngest child would be female I've been buying her clothes. A lot of clothes. BabyGap and Gymboree have benefited from my credit cards plenty in the last two years as has Target. I bought my stroller, crib, changing table, Bumbo seat, and a ton of toys and clothes at Target. For the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Green Man

The Green Man by Kingsley Amis My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of the scariest books I've ever read. This, and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson made me lay awake, afraid to go to sleep. I recently tried to re-read The Green Man thinking "oh, it can't be that scary." I... Continue Reading →

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