My New Book Has Arrived!

Hip hip HOORAY, my new book is now available! It's the fourth full-length Lexy Cooper mystery. You can pick up the eBook right now at Amazon, or you can wait for the paperback this summer. Any questions? What if I don't have a Kindle? You're in luck, cowboy. You don't need the dedicated eReader to... Continue Reading →

Series Fiction: What I wish I’d known at the start

I'm in the final stretch of writing the fourth book in my Lexy Cooper mystery series. Now, I'm certainly nowhere near as prolific as many writers, but by the time you get to Book 4, you've built up a pretty substantial cast of characters, a history, and a world. Here are some of the things... Continue Reading →

Book Release Day: Fantasy vs Reality

When I was a very young writer I had visions of my future book release days that were elaborate and glamorous. Parties with New York literati. Long lines at bookstores. Jetting off on a book tour to exotic locations. I even used to practice what I'd say when David Letterman interviewed me about my wildly... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Cover – Summer Wind

I published my very first novel--that I wrote in the early 1990s--with a default Amazon eBook cover. I was still pretty excited to have The Sleepless Nanny out in the world, but when my dear friend Paul Steed loved the book so much he volunteered to create a "real" cover for it, well that was... Continue Reading →

Halfway-Point Hate or Why I Want to Burn My Book

I recently hit the halfway mark on my new novel Summer Wind. It's a Detective Mike Malick spin-off book. For three Lexy Cooper novels and one short story Mike Malick has been the main crime-solver, voice of reason, and carrier of half the narrative burden. Guys think he's cool. Several female readers have admitted to... Continue Reading →

Writing Tools – In Praise of the Humble Index Card

I always have a stack of index cards close to hand. They are useful for writing down phone numbers, grocery lists, character names, brilliant ideas, quick notes, or possible book titles. You can even use them to get something out of your teeth or provide a nasty paper cut. With a blank wall, a stack... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Where’s that character from?

Having just finished the first draft of Griefed, the third Lexy Cooper novel, I am avoiding the necessary revisions and subsequent hand-off to my editor by plotting a spin-off. Main character Detective Mike Malick will get his own story: Summer Wind. Without Lexy POV scenes to bear half of the narrative burden I must delve... Continue Reading →

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