Flying with the Enemy

So I end up sitting on the plane next to this lanky young man who has an iPod mini like mine–except his was silver. He didn’t stink and he didn’t talk too much. He was harmless. Until we start chatting when the plane lands about the crappy weather and I find out he works at NINTENDO. He asks me if we have anything left to announce after the big MTV show (which he says he didn’t watch) I say I don’t know. I ask him "So, are you guys busting out your new console?" He says he doesn’t know because he works in game testing and they don’t tell him anything. A likely story. So we get off the plane and he tells me "Have a good show" and I say "You too. I’d say ‘good luck’ but, well you know…"

Had a cosmopolitan with dinner. Saw Robbie Bach and Peter Moore hanging out in the hotel bar. Robbie was eating icecream. My room does not have a minibar, ergo, no Diet Coke. Sadness.


  1. Glad to read that you landed safely. Sorry for the diet coke, all you have to do now is send o on a mission for some every now and then. Have a nice show indeed.

  2. Actually he did hog the armrest, but he was pretty cute. He read Backpacker magazine and listed to Postal Service the whole way.

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