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So Marquee Player gave me his invite to G-phoria, G4’s video game awards tomorrow night. Thanks, dude!
I’ll be in LA taking pictures and trying to dig up some good gaming dirt. Halo 2 is up for 7 awards including Game of the Year. Jade Empire and Fable are up for one each.

I’m gonna try to sit next to Bungie boys Ske7ch and Frankie, to bask in their reflected glory, but those boys will probably send me to the back of the bus.
Please make a sacrifice to the voodoo airline gods that I don’t have to sit next to a stink bomb or lardass on the plane. You know I hate that.

5 thoughts on “I’m G-phoric!

  1. michael says:

    omg "conker the xbox intern" is fuh reakin hilarious.

  2. MthdDirector says:

    there’s this awsome hotel on Sunset, totally retro…

  3. Christa says:

    haha meth. I’m staying downtown this time.

  4. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Trix,Are you going to dosey-do your way up to Wilmer Valderamma or do you fear being Lohan’d from behind? Also, while you’re there would you mind grabbing Fergie’s butt for those of us who can’t make it to G4 and last but not least……carry some Axe with you, never know….perhaps that stink-bomb next to you will recreate the commercial and you can have your own "No Smoking" tattoo on your shoulder!Have fun and do tell of all the juicy dirt when you can.

  5. Christa says:

    Rain, I wouldn’t touch Fez if he had a ten foot pole ;)Lohan doesn’t scare me, I could break her in half. I will try to grab Fergie’s tush just for you.

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