Am I Blue?

My second favorite Billy Holiday song. After Love Me or Leave Me.
The bad news is that my best friend in the entire universe is moving 3,000 miles away.
The good news is that I’ll feel better in about a year.
I’m a saaaaad panda 😦


  1. Hey TriXie, I feel for you. Don’t be a sad panda, everything will be OK. I wont say anything else because I hate when people who don’t know me try to emphasize when I feel bad. Nice music selection though.

  2. Thanks, TL. Glad you decided to come on over. You don’t have to choose between me and the Maj you know. You can still trashtalk him over there. 😉

  3. Sounds like the move is to the East Coast. Is your friend a girl, and is she hot? Cuz, yah know, I could show her around and stuff 😉

  4. As long as she is "hot" … cause if not, she can show her self around right? …that’s a real nice thing to say about someones best friend, or anyone for that matter. good job deducing that fact that she probably moved to the east coast too.

  5. Ohhh no… not this guy. dude, go back to majors blog, please. This is my refuge, please don’t ruin it. I come here to relax and talk to the best girl in the world. Please cease and desist any further communication between myself and/or the TriXietron. Thank you for your cooperation. I will paypal you $5 to crawl back under major’s rock.p.s.-sorry TriXie 😦

  6. I don’t know you yet TL, but sparking debates with my ‘regulars’ will not make a very good impression.You’ve got a clean slate over here. 🙂

  7. I’m totally hitched (!) sorry all. I don’t have anything against you TL – feel free to post as you like.

  8. well then you know what it’s like being in love meth, please respect the fact that Trixie means everything to me.

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