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The lastest podcast from the Frag Dolls features me and Maj. Maj actually felt bad that he did most of the talking… but I told him, "Hey, you’re Howard and I’m Robin."
I think it came out pretty good, though all I did was giggle.
You can listen to it here. BTW the dolls are playing Halo 2 this Friday, so if you wanna get in on that action drop me a mail at by tomorrow morning. Subject should be "Frag Doll Friday" and remember to include your gamertag.

3 thoughts on “Frag Dolls podcast features Maj and TriX

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Trixie The fragdolls rock and so do you.There is no way i want to play either of you in Halo 2, im a level 12 who fears you skills.Oh i also ask if you have ever seen the website they got over 200 wallpapers for xbox 360 all custom.

  2. ROBERT says:

    Great podcast, Trixie. I don’t think I’ll even attempt Halo 2 with you
    guys, but I hope to be included in the upcoming GRAW get together on
    Live. We have a huge 3-day gaming event going on for GRAW, you and some
    of the dolls should come out and join us! Eitherway, hopefully see you
    on GRAW come the 9th!

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