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I am in love with this puppy named Rosebud. She’s a 12-week-old Boston Terrier who belongs to Erik, one of our art monkeys. He’s the one working on the new improved TriXie art.
My life would be worse with a dog, right? I’d have to go home and take it for walks and clean up poop, right? And Elvis might be jealous, right? Do puppies and cats get along?
But, but, but…. look at her FACE!!!
Somebody talk me down…

10 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Rob says:

    Dogs like that make me want to get one so bad, but all the costs and of course me being a broke college student dont help.  But it always is nice to have a dog around.  With a cat you may run into some issues.  That dog will learn quick not to try to play with Elvis though.  Especially if Elvis still has front claws.

  2. PhantomMed says:

    I have a miniature chocolate beagle that I bough for my wife as a wedding present. She is adorable! I can prove it–there are pictures on my website. Adorability aside, however, she is a major pain in the…well, you know. She steals socks, takes things off of the table, slips outside when you open the door to explore the neighborhood and eats a ton for a twenty pound dog. To make matters worse, I spend more per year on health care for her than I spend on myself–forget about all the toys, food, treats and replacement of things she destroys. If I go out of town, it is sixteen dollars a night to board her.
    She is cute; I love her dearly. But I will say unequivocally that if you are not sure, don’t make the jump. She will bring you lots of joy, but that joy will be punctuated by many moments of "why you little…"
    I wish you luck in making your decision!

  3. Mike says:

    Dogs take more attention but also give more attention.  When you come home, a cat won’t run up and greet you and give you that awesome "the dog likes me" feeling.  I think cats secretly hope that their owner dies.  They just don’t care.
    Better plan–get a kid.  My 2.5 year old rocks.  Does the whole "I’m happy to see you" trick AND can get me Mt. Dew from the fridge.  Oh, and he plays Xbox.  Also, kids are a better long term investment.  You need someone to change your adult diapers when you are 90.

  4. Rainmaker2112 says:

    You have got to pickup a copy of "Marley and Me: Life and Love with the Worlds Worst Dog" by John Grogan.  See
    This shows you the very best and very worst of life with a dog.  They are cute and cuddle, while being chaotic and destructive.  They are there for births, deaths, riches and poverty.  My own dogs (two) have done the same.  I don’t have a dog currently, but will get one again sometime.   I have children and like them a dog becomes part of the family.  Do the dog and yourself a favor and decide if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your "alone time" to take care of and be with an animal, since they will rely on you for care and companionship.  Even if you dn’t get a dog, definately check out the book.

  5. Stephen says:

    Trixie, actually if you could find one and send her to me.  Our Boston Terrier ( ) passed away over a year ago and it’s been pretty hard.  She was such an awesome pet I don’t think I would get any other type of dog…

  6. Mark says:

    I’m reading a book right now called "Marley & Me" which has me going through the same debate. My concern is how well a new puppy would work in an apartment.

  7. Nicholas says:

    I think puppies really like cats, but cats don’t like puppies. 
    Having a dog is like having a kid, lots of responsibility.  You
    can just pick up and go away for the weekend, or go out after work for
    drinks, dog’s gotta eat and poo.  Cats can kind of take care of
    themselves when need be.

  8. MthdDirector says:

    Yeah, Trix, dog poop is bad.  I live in the city and people bring their dogs from all over to poop in the little grass in front of my apartment.  I guess I should feel special…but if they don’t have that plastic baggy-covered hand ready to scoop up the turd before it starts to steam then we’re shouting death threats from the window "don’t you dare walk away from that poop!"  haha it’s good fun.

  9. Matthew says:

    Dogs are the way to go!

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