14 things to do during downtime

You’ve probably heard that Xbox.com and Xbox Live will be going offline for several hours for scheduled maintainence tomorrow morning at 2am PDT. Here’s some stuff you can do to while away your Live-less hours.
  1. Catch up on trixieblog.com. Read past posts. I’m particularly fond of this one. I’m still surprised I didn’t get the smackdown from HR.
  2. Leave me a comment. I know from the page views there are an awful lot of you who read this blog yet remain silent. Make yourself known!
  3. Read Kafka on the Shore! Or Ian McEwan’s Atonement.
  4. Watch Moulin Rouge and have a good cry–it relieves pre-e3 stress.
  5. Make a list of all the people you’ve ever kissed. You may need to consult with college roommates for details. 
  6. Lay down on the floor of your closet and commune with your shoes. It makes them happy.
  7. Eat a pint of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream.
  8. Read the Prima guide for Oblivion.
  9. Examine your fridge and throw out anything green. Veggies are yucky!
  10. Paint your toenails. I recommend Revlon’s "Vixen"
  11. Call your mom. That way, she won’t freak as much when you forget to call on Mothers Day. (it’s Sunday the 14th)
  12. Flick bottlecaps at various targets. Co-workers are good for this.
  13. Make new playlists for your iPod.
  14. Bust out your original Xbox and give it some love.



  1. My 1. was to make lists of things to do while Live is down. I guess THATS not an option anymore. Thanks a lot Trixie, you ruined my day.

  2. My List–
    1.  Look for a job.
    2.  Find even more interesting ways to use "Wii" in a sentence.
    3.  Find ways to involve video games in job interviews that I don’t care about.  ("A situation where I had an issue with a coworker?…Hmmm, well, none of those, but I did stick a noob on the food with a plasma grenade.  That was kinda funny.")
    4.  Plot ways to get my wife to let me spend my severence package on a 50′ plasma TV.
    5.  Write meaningless crap that no one reads in my blog.
    6.  Piss my wife off.
    7.  Piss my in-laws off.
    8.  Go to the Millenium Buildings and ask the receptionist every 5 minutes "You guy’s done yet?".
    9.  Go to Nintendo HQ with a sign that says "Wii is for wiitards" dressed up like purple chicken.
    10.  Try to figure out the Bush Administration’s Foreign Policy.
    11.  Practice some of my better Halo "lines" such as "Hey, you wanna go to prom?", "Noob combo makes baby Jesus crY", and the ever popular "Your racist comments only strengthen my resolve to leave you bad feedback, but do you still want to go to prom?"

  3. I think Ill go with #7. chocolate-ship cookie dough ice cream is the best ice cream in the world. now I just have to go out and get some 😦

  4. 1. Massage your Xbox 360 controllers, since they need luv’in after being manhandled in mean games of Oblivion and Fight Night 3.
    2. Clean the dust off and around your TV and Xbox 360, since it may affect your game play in the future.
    3. Take a shower, since it’s been a rare thing since Oblivion came out.
    4. Eat, since it’s been a rare thing, since Oblivion came out.
    5. Pay some bills, since it’s been a rare thing since Oblvion came out.
    6.  Mow the grass, since it’s been a rare thing since Oblivion came out.
    7.  Update my blog, since I’ve much to share about my trip to Florida and thoughts on Tiger Woods 06 and Oblivion.
    8.  Shop for food, since my fridge is bare and with the nice weather it’s a shame that I’m not grilling!!!!  That and the fact that I’ve been playing Oblivion!!!!!
    9.  Prep for the upcoming Gold Week, since I won’t be at E3 this year (wahhhhh), but will be playing a ton online as an Xbox Ambassador.
    10. ____________________________ (everything else that I’ve neglected over the past few weeks, since getting Oblivion.

  5. Well I’ll be working most of the time, so not biggy.  Maybe I’ll go get a tattoo though

  6. Hahahahaha…to answer your question…um yes!  Except for the whole girl thing…and the Pink Razr…that goes against my "dark and evil" persona…2 issues though–
    1.  Didn’t we try this already with mixed results for something that didn’t involve me wearing heels and a dress?
    2.  As you can probably tell if you read my blog, although I consider myself a good storyteller, I have issues with "self editing"…lots of "teh"’s and words that just don’t make sense such as "fully head gear" instead of "full head gear"….laziness mostly I think….scroll through and find "______ and hilarity ensued".  Those are usally my choice stories….except for "The time mikes dad died and hilarity ensued".  That wasn’t very funny, but there were funny parts.

  7. Flick bottlecaps at various targets. Co-workers are good for this.
    Haven’t you learned your lesson?  Let’s not forget what happened the last time.

  8. Damn e. That sucks. My finger is still a little owie from that. But it was so FUN. hehehehe

  9. My own version of your list:1. I changed a lot of stuff of my MSN Spaces already. Good start. 2. Returning all the commenst here, on MySpace, MyGamerSpace, 1up, NewBlog, Gamespot and wherever I am. 3. No reading today, but some writing for sure. ;-)4. I kept crying for 15′ after watching Moulin Rouge… No, I will stay with some Anime and Gaming programs later on.5. I will kiss my cat.6. It is finally going to be warm here today. I might spend some time in the varanda in the afternoon.7. I can’t pass a day without chocolate, so I guess I will get myself some Nutella after lunch.8. I should be playing more Oblivion… Shame on me!9. Today it is ironing time. I generally do it in chapters. I get bored way to easy with housework.10. I was really thinking about coloring my nails today. I don’t think I will anyway, but that sounds nice.11. I call my mom on the weekends. It is freaking expensive other days. However, I will send her my daily email soon.12. I prefer the combination of paper napkins and straws. Disputing who spits the paper balls further is pure fun!13. I will probably listen to some CDs while I write.14. Maybe some Meteos DS will help me go though these hard hours offline.*big hug*

  10. Wait a minute…you just got me thinking here. So what happens today if I play Oblivion and get an achievement or two? Are they lost forever for that game profile? Or will they kick in the next time I’m able to log into Live?Not that I’ll be playing any Oblivion during the middle of the day because of that little thing called work getting in the way : )

  11. Abe you won’t loose any achievements gained. They just don’t show date/time you got them if you’re not connected to Live.
    Nice list Trixie, I might start with number 2.. Wait, just done.. Over to number 12 😀

  12. Heh, well I think playing Oblivion for 13 hours will suffice.  Even though there is no Live, at least all of the single player games will keep me busy (Oblivoin, COD2 on Veteran, etc). 

  13. MMMMMM icecream, never too early in the morning right?
    Great list, well except for the toenails thing. 😉
    Thanks for the mother’s day reminder, I keep getting e-mails from florists with mother’s day deals but they don’t have the date in them so I started to wonder if it was sooner than I thought.
    See you next week at E3. 🙂

  14. Just a quick question about item #10…. what color should I use?  something to match skin tones, eye color or something that will match my beard and mustache color?   :p

  15. luckily for me, im at work during the outage.  lucky to be at work i know.  when i get home tonight, it should be back up. anxious to see what is new

  16. #1.  Stay in the dark corner of a room with the shades pull down, staring blankly at the TV screen with the 360 controller in one hand, and pray to God that the 360 will connect to Live on my next attempt.

  17. I’m making myself known thus checking #2 off the list.  Maybe I’ll blog about #5, but that’ll only keep me busy for about two minutes, heh.

  18. I’m going through withdrawal now from the forums.
    Now, when you paint your toes, do you dab or follow contours or what.  I assume liquid paper red food dye works also?

  19. I only did a couple of things during the down time:
    1.  Name baseball playes that are named after body parts I could only come up with eleven;  Rollie Fingers, Barry Foote, and the nine a** holes that play for the Boston Red Sox.
    2.  Came up with my trifecta wager on the 132nd Kentucky Derby.

  20. u missed one trixie, "get ready for E3" :-D. Can’t wait for the conference, u should take ur dog I love her. 🙂

    -K Rock

  21. I show my love for my Classic Xbox by keeping it, rather than selling it like all my friends.  We will never part!

  22. Cluskevird is always so funny. I spent the downtime on Oblivion, just like the rest of the month. I wonder when this game will let me go.

  23. Twylyght Rayven that will do, replay to your ambassador email and be sure to include your gt

  24. ROFL, this is exactly why I don’t read your blog in class. Totally laughing my ass off.

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