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By now you all know about the My Xbox update — we’ve added Message Center! And there was much rejoicing!
Check out the other cool stuff that’s been going on this week on the dot com:
Xbox Undercover: The My Xbox Team. Get to know some of the cats that brought you My Xbox, Friends Management and Message Center.
GamerSpeak: Your E3 Wishlist. Here’s what you and your fellow gamers want to see and hear from E3.
Gamer Spotlight: Baron VonNapalm. Cool dude who sells Volvos in Austin and used to be an opera singer!
New Xbox Ambassadors! Check out the 600+ community volunteers. Find ’em by location, language and Gamer Zone. Yes, I"ll be making some updates and a couple additions to this list tomorrow. Yes, I got your email.

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  1. That new messages feature is nifty (yeah, I know, see my nerd score on my blog)! I wondered what you guys were up to when Live went down–now I know that it was worth it! Please give kudos to the people that worked on that! I can hardly wait to see what you do next….

  2. Thank for all the cool new updates!! I love the fact I can message my friends on while surfing the net!! And hopefully, as JPsmooth42, says it was my email too!!

  3. Do I detect a hint of Monty Python in that first statement?    :p  Thanks for the links, they should keep me busy for awhile.

  4. Hurray for the message center, the cool guys at the my xbox team and the ambassadors additions if I’m in it 😛

  5. I hadn’t checked all the new stuff yet. *opens other windows*I hope you got my email too. lolIf it doesn’t happen by now, next time.I will be online for as long as I can next week, so even people don’t find me, I will find them. :-P*nice weekend*

  6. The xbox ambassador effort is awesome in scope and response.Trixie, you have done an amazing job in everything from replying to emails, to updates, to communicate with us all. I am proud to be a part of the team and look forward to continued growth and successes.

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