I am celebrating today (hence the fireworks) because not only is it a long weekend, but trixieblog.com has passed the 500,000 page views mark!!! I’ve been watching the PVs creep up all week; last night when I went to bed a little after midnight there were only 40 to go. I was tempted to post something that said ‘click here for boobies’ to artificially boost my stats, but I didn’t.
In honor of this momentous day I would like to share some of the high points of the past 20 months:
Blog highlights. Do you guys remember these?
What are your favorites?
Here’s what you found to be the most interesting (at least based on the number of comments I got)
  1. 14 Things to Do During Downtime – 34 comments
  2. PMS Party – 31 comments
  3. Looking for GamerchiX – 26 comments
  4. TriXie’s Mailbag – 25 comments
  5. DaVinci Code and other thoughts – 24 comments

Since starting this blog I have only had to remove two posts: One was a particularly vicious post on the Microsoft Picnic. I was threatened with HR reportage by some pissed off ‘Softies. The other was about Major’s birthday which he asked me to remove.

Comments have definitely been increasing over the months…I love that and I love reading them all. (Oh, except remember that guy ‘trixielover’ who loved me and predicted we’d get married and then decided he hated me the next day? Weirdness)

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads and to everyone who comments. You guys are the BEST!!!



  1. Congrats!  I’m pushing 500 over in Mike land so WATCH OUT!  🙂  (well I’ve only been tracking since May-ish).
    Setting up my little "MajorNelson" and "Trixie" RSS feed widgets has made my seb surfing way easier.  You post, I read, I leave asinine comment, we both move on.
    Enjoy the 4th and remember:  Drinking and Driving = D-U-M, dumb.  (that goes for everybody–knowing someone who lost both parents to a DD makes you a bit of a Nazi this time of year.)

  2. Nice work Trixie.
    You should definately take a break over the long weekend.
    The fireworks are great, but don’t you think the pink is a little "girlie"?

  3. Wow, I can’t believe it took this, I remember you talking about this before E3.  I have to say I’m jealous, traffic on my blog decreased after E3, then again I’m not you so that might explain it.  I’ll be looking forward to many more informative, silly, and downright crazy blog entries.

  4. Congrats Trixie! I remember the picnic post that you had to remove. Now lets go for 1 million hits now.

  5. Wohoooo! Congrats Trix.I think it’s a funny coincidence that we were celebrating the success of our website/webcast on July 1st too! I’m gonna rename the event to K Rock -N- Trixie’s Success Party, In honor of my Wingchick. 😀 Love your blog Trix, It’s always a pleasure to read what you write.K RockPics from the event here –> FlickrVideos from the event here –> youTube

  6. Aww thanks Rock! I thought you were kidding but you really did name it that! You’re the coolest! Looks like an awesome party!

  7. Congrats Trixie!
    Always enjoy your take on a variety of potpourri, except I’m not a big fan of shoes, so I’ll leave that to others.
    Keep up the great Zuma’ing

  8. Congrats on the half a mill Trixie! It’s actually a pleasure now to start my working day reading your blog. Go out and buy some shoes to celebrate!!

  9. Four hours,  a couple of owies, and one
    ugly piece of furniture later I realize this: It is time to come out of
    mourning and get a new boyfriend. One with tools. Power tools.
    Yeeeeaaaaah.I’ll be your boyfriend

  10. Great work, TriXie!
    I have been coming to this blog for about a year, and I am very glad to see the increase in traffic through here in the recent months. I hope that you have a great time this weekend, and tomorrow should be a really fun day. It is currently against the law in my county to shoot off fireworks (is it illegal where you are celebrating), but I think the $250 worth of fireworks that we bought today sent a clear message to the clerk at the fireworks shop of our intentions.
    Everyone… relax and have some fun this weekend,

  11. Congrats Trixie, keep up the good blogging and you’ll hit a million in no time at all ^_^

  12. Way to go Trixie!!!
     I always love comming to your site.  Your Blogs are always fun to read!! 
    Happy 4th of July!!

  13. super….500,000 eh…try 250..then you can say something…oh wait…500,000 has more zeroes lol..ok you win. 🙂

  14. Two of your top moments involve you complaining about not getting vodka and the other about spilling it… Ever notice you are drunk or drinking alcohol in most of your photos? Lay off the boo’s woman!
    Delete this post, I don’t care >_> 

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