Grandma and the Pebl

Two things that rock:
1) Grandma’s Boy. So funny and filthy. Yes, many of the depictions of game designers and testers are accurate. Plus, how many awesome product placement shots of the Xbox and Xbox controller were there?! Not nearly enough!
2) Motorola Pebl. I’m so over my Pink Razr. Apparently that wench Paris Hilton has one, and I loathe her. Therefore I need the Pebl in blue. It’s the same blue as a Tiffany gift box. That would make me happy every single day.


  1. I enjoyed "Grandma’s Boy", but there were a few things that I had issues with.
    1.  He would never give the ‘only’ copy of his game to someone else to look over. Can we say ‘back-up’? …especially on a game he has worked on for years.  On top of that, I believe it showed he only gave the ‘compiled’ game version and not the actual coding logic.
    2.  "I have found all the bugs in level…" – The tester concept made it look like they had a known number of bugs they were to find and report, and that isn’t the case.  You cannot do a quick test job in a night or two and then say you have found ‘all’ the bugs.

  2. I love Grandma’s Boy.  It’s too bad Demonik was cancelled (at least I think it was) cause it looked awesome in the movie. 

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