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As long as I’m being completely random: (see previous post (hell, see 90% of my posts))
One of my coworkers thinks the chick on the cover of Auto Assault looks like me. What do you think? And does Auto Assault suck?

8 thoughts on “TriXie Assaulted?

  1. MthdDirector says:

    I do see a resemblance, but how the heck did they get my car in there!

  2. Richard says:

    she looks just as hot

  3. James says:

    Maybe a little, but you’re hotter TriX.

  4. Nicholas says:

    thanks, I’m gonna go to the forums and start a "is the chick on the cover of Auto Assualt hot or fat" thread. 

  5. Mike says:

    Nick–you just made Mt. Dew come out of my nose.  I hope you’re happy.  🙂

  6. ProJect says:

    Nah, I would say you have more promonent cheak bones that give you more of a cute look rather than the serious "I’m on my piriod AND constipated" look that the girl has on that cover.

  7. Kevin says:

    Naw, even though there is a resemblance – the cover art for Auto Assault has too many flaws.  You have a face that reveals that you at least have fun….  the cover art girl looks like she’s angry at the world and has never laughed at a joke.  Probably keeps her office space spotless too   :p

  8. Kelly Rock says:

    Yea I can see how your coworker came to that conclusion. Kinda cool though, it’s kinda like your game. The gamplay leaves a little to be desired but overall an ok game. :-)K Rock

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