My new favorite game

Okay, everyone that works for Microsoft, please cover your eyes or go back to your spreadsheets…
Psst. My new favorite game is: Magnetica!
It’s a DS game and I play it on my DS Lite that a cute boy gave me.
Sing along with me now: "Oh Magnetica how I love thee… you are the only thing that brings me joy in my post-Zuma world."
 rivethed rules for giving me the heads up on this superfun game.
PS to K Rock; I did get Brain Age… and I am apparently borderline mentally defective. I gots no math skillz.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try Magnetica but I haven’t gotten the chance yet. How is it compared to Zuma?Keep playing Brain Age TriXie. I was pretty slow at the math problems and now I zoom right through them. Trust me on this!

  2. Nice! I saw that you finished Zuma, and I have been beating my head against the wall on world 8 there. I don’t know how you accomplished that. I’m playing Magnetica too, currently on Quest 17 and Puzzle 13. I will check up on ya and see where you are at, but I bet I get dusted soon by the Zuma Queen!

  3. Best thing about Brain Age is the Sodoku action. I lose so much time there it isn’t even funny. I might pick up the Magnetica as there is the normal summer drought of games. If I knew you were down with the DS I would have filled you in when I found the street date breaking store I let Major in on.

    But in your case, sounds like you came out better. 1. I’m not cute. 2. I wouldn’t have bought you one. 🙂

  4. Well @ least we can be dumb together….lol. I’ve been up late getting ready for that thing we spoke about.  When I saw that comment about Brain Age I got a great laugh. You’re the best. Btw, I’m jealous of that cute boy ;-)K Rock

  5. Whenever I am able to get a DS I want those two games.  I was reading about Magnetica yesterday.

  6. You can go ahead and act like you’re over Zuma, but you’re still playing it.  PS-Brain Age makes me feel stupid.

  7. well, i expected that!Magnetica is totally ZUMA!(wich is very cool btw)Now we need Bewejeled for the little gadget.

  8. Iiiiiiii KNEW you’d get that!!
    I tried it, me likey…but I’m SO additcted to Animal Crossing right now…lol…allllll e’s fault….

  9. Acdbulls — if you like Bejeweled,  you should get Zookeeper for the DS. Zookeeper is to Bejeweled as Magnetica is to Zuma.

  10. One of the things that makes MS so great is that it does not hold grudges against it’s competitors and in fact allows it’s employees to indulge in the alternatives. Allard with his Ibook, you with your DS game lovin, Microsoft’s publication of PSP connectivity with the Xbox 360 and Bill Gates interest in Xbox modding. I love the open mindedness of the Company 🙂

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