Ohh yeah, Xbox knows how to party!

Check out this video of the Xbox Live Arcade party we had yesterday at Xbox HQ. Sorry, videomonkey cut out the footage of Major Nelson doing the Running Man.


  1. Thanks for making my job seem even worse than it already appeared.  I appreciate that.

  2. Papa Johns was great when they had their large pizzas for 6 bux and they were always ready for pick up. Then again I ate to much pizza back then.

  3. I watched the video and it was really well done. I assume it was in HD, because it looked a lot better then some of the other recent videos. Trixie, you looked great on there. Wow, 8,000 party box requests. Are there enough to go around and can we still apply?

  4. Awesome party Trix, I would have paid good money to see major nelson do the running man. 🙂

  5. 8,000 requests is pretty impressive. Any idea yet how many (if not all) of those will actually be receiving their party in a box? Also, I’m curious how you plan on getting those to people. Will it all be in the mail, or will some be online (like Microsoft Points added to your account), or will it all be online (via email or some other means)? Party on.

  6. Significantly less than 8,700 (at last count) people that want it will receive the virtual party in a box via email. the ‘box’ consists of codes to get the MS Points, pizza and music.
    I don’t know when the codes are going out, but it will be soon and i’m sure the first person to receive it will post widely!

  7. Hey trixie!
    Cool vid….looks like you guys had a lot of fun.  Wish I was there with ya!  Vid quality was A+. 
    And I must agree with JO3PA’s post….you did look great on there…just too bad didnt really get to see those cute baby blues of yours!
    Game ON!
    Also if you get a chance…check out http://www.xmg360.com.  We are an elite community of Xbox Mature Gamers that I am suprised hasnt hit your Game Spotlight column on xbox.com yet….

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