A shameful secret

When I was in Italy last month we spent a LOT of time on a bus travelling from the hotel to the Lamorghini factory, Bologna and Florence. During these trips we listened to a lot of Italian radio. So I hear this song a couple of times and it’s cool and kinda bouncy and has this Tide is High/Underneath it All vibe.
I liked it so much I flipped through my Italian phrase book trying to find a way to ask Tomaso our driver who it was.
So six weeks later I discover this: The song I loved was "Stars are Blind" by… Paris Hilton. I almost hurled.
Paris and I do not get along. Jerks at Xbox *cough*Tonic*cough* mock me for my pink razr, calling it a Paris Hilton phone. Also, I dressed up like Paris Hilton for Halloween 2004 and no one knew who I was supposed to be.. they thought I was either a Barbie or a Playboy bunny.
Paris and I have this unfortunate history, and now I accidentally liked her stupid song before I knew it was her. I’m so ashamed.


  1. Aww that’s okay. You’ve now seen the error of your ways as far as the song is concerned.  I would be more worried if you  liked her now that you knew it was her song.
    Paris Hilton = Makes me hurl

  2. Hey Trix, the same thing happened 2 my sister. If you want a good laugh search the song on iTunes then read the reviews.  You’ll love it. :-)K Rock

  3. I used to think the same thing about songs by artists I despised. . . but then it struck me one day that you don’t have to like an artist to like one of their songs.  Chances are that the song was written by somebody else anyway.   :p  Now if you want some good music, rumor has it that Weird Al has been working on his new album…  I’m waiting for the day he does the bleach blonde Polka with a medley of songs by Paris, Jessica. .   >gag<  okay.. I can’t go any farther in the list, but you get the idea   :p  heh heh heh

  4. I, on a whim, actually got this song.  It sickens me.  I will be more than happy to give you my copy and delete from my HD thus transfering ownership.  I owe you enough favors…  🙂
    I think you MIGHT have my email.   Not too sure though.  I’m not irritating or anything. 

  5. Right there with you, trust me…I liked it too until I found out who was singing it…
    And Tonic is mean. Flick bottle caps at him 😀

  6. I liked the song until I heard it was by her, then I still liked it.  It’s well written (By someone else), it’s well mixed/mastered (By someone else), the music is good (again, written by someone else), they basically just called her into the studio and got sound clips from her and then heavily edited them.  I just can’t deal with the thought of purchasing a copy of it and actually supporting her…

  7. AAAhhhhhh.. same thing just happened.. I’m listening to launchcast at work.. catchy tune is on so I go to rate the song and BAM  Paris Hilton Stars are Blind…  thank goodness it’s friday..  hey beer 30

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