A visit to the Xbox Global Support Team

This afternoon I hopped in my little green slugbug for a trip to our Issaquah campus where the Xbox Global Support Team lives. I’m doing an Xbox Undercover story for Xbox.com which you should see on the site in a couple weeks.
Two years ago I went to Austin to visit the call center there for an Xbox Undercover article "TriXie Gets the Call". Well the two Dougs and I got stuck in Dallas, and decided to drive to Austin. One of them ate my Cheetos on the drive, and I’ve been giving him crap about it ever since. So today I walk into the conference room and there’s a pile of swag for me–some posters, a memory unit holder, an Xbox ball, etc. The pile was topped off with a bag of Cheetos.
Another cool thing was that their offices are covered with Xbox swag–neon lights, a kiosk, cool store displays, etc. And they also have a copy of my call center article FRAMED on the wall. I think I even blushed when I saw it–it was super cool.
At the end of my visit Doug P told me he needs to see my upcoming article before we publish it. He even threatened me with bodily harm!! Check out the picture!


  1. Great picture I laughed so hard I spilled my coffee.  Thank you for getting my Friday started with some humor.

  2. Dang TriXie!  I’ve never read that article before.  On your way down I-35 you passed right by my home.  Next time you come through stop by and I’ll treat you to some home cooked backyard BBQ, if you can handle the 2 Boxer’s and the Rottweiller!

  3. Am I the only one who reads Trixe’s blog at work all the time and thinks "I can’t believe that’s your freakin job"?  Even better, do you think that sometimes Trixie?  That’s just so cool.

  4. @ Feelz — yes I think it all the time. I LOVE my job. One time I was interviewing J Allard and he said to me: "Do you just have the best job in the world?" and of course I said YES! Even J thinks my job rocks!
    @Gronar — Next time I’m in Texas I’m coming for dinner. Keep your big doggies on a leash!
    @Chris. hehe. You’re welcome. Hope it didn’t come out your nose.

  5. Trixie, I’ve got a question… could I use your likeness in a cheat code?You see, I made some codes for Animal Crossing: Wild World that will automatically draw a pattern for the player when they press a certain button combination at the Able Sisters sewing shop.. I won’t be offically releasing the codes for any of the other icons due to the copyrights, but I wanted to relase the codes that made pics of you and Major Nelson….If you want to see what I’m talking about, have a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChWjiYTjL5A(if you don’t have time, you can just look at this pic.)(I have to get Major Nelson’s approval also… Maybe you could help with that. I just thought you guys, especially Mr. Hyrb, would like to have a custom flag or clothing in their Animal Crossing game.)If you say "no" that’s fine… I just don’t want to start any ‘legal trouble’ for anyone, or any company. (I could still send you guys the code for personal use though.)

  6. Stealing someone’s snacks on a road trip is just plain low and dirty.  😉  Cool pic too.  🙂

  7. Hi Trixie. I check your blog, Elle’s blog and Major Nelson’s blog pretty often for Xbox 360 info and updates. Would it be ok if I added you in my space friends so that I could have quick access to your page whenever I’m online?
    I know that you are very busy and all but feel free to check out my space if you get a chance (I still have a lot of work to do first).
    I’ll send you a Space Live friend request.
    J’espere que c’est d’accord avec vous.
    A bientot.

  8. Workplace Violence!!! HR ALERT HR ALERT!!! 🙂
    Isn’t this like the 3rd time you’ve been attacked at work? The soccer ball incident, the Animal Crossing incident (well not directly but destruction of virtual property) and now this. I smell a lawsuit a’brewin 🙂

  9. Sweet!!! I am eager to see the next article.Yeah, girl, you do have an awesome job, but it is that good because you have all the makings for that. Maybe someone else in your place wouldn’t be that "powerful", if you know what I mean.*big hugz*

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