New stuff, Matt’s secret, hotel weirdness, and more

  • Welcome to our newest personality: Gamer Dad.
  • I went a little nuts at Borders last night after ingesting a Killer Burger at Matt’s in Redmond Town Center. The secret is they marinate the burgers in molasses bbq sauce. shhhh.  Oh, so my food-coma induced insanity resulted in the purchase of many items:

Hell and Back, a Sin City comic
Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman’s new book. One of the prettiest book covers I’ve seen in a long time.
The Sandman Papers: An Exploration of the Sandman Mythology
Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman again
DVD of The Big Easy (Dennis Quaid was hawt back then!)
The Tick vs Season One DVD
Pinky and the Brain DVD "narf"

  • My friend O introduced me to this Brit pop chick Lily Allen who I now ADORE! Check her out here and be sure to watch the video for "Smile" Reminds me of Ken from A Fish Called Wanda…. "R-r-r-r-revenge!"
  • Some d-bag has TWICE snuck into GamerchiX. The first time was only for a minute before someone alerted me to HIS MySpace. The second time he had a new gamertag and fake email with a girl’s name. It took about three days to catch him this time. You know why I think he did it? To be near the top of the XGX Leaderboard. Dude is a Big League LOSER. His gamertag? I’ll give you a hint… Anthrax Addict. Oops, did that give it away?
  • It is difficult to blog with a kitten on the keyboard. She woke me up with her loudass mewing at 1am and again at 3am. Siamese. Oy.
  • I have to clean my filthy apartment this weekend because my mom is coming to kitty-sit while I’m in Italy. It’s gonna SUCK.
  • I have forgotten the ten words of Italian I knew back in June.
  • I’m letting the mom of one of the WCG champs crash in my hotel room in Milan. I feel sorry for her; she gets a free room but will have to deal with my mess, my late hours, my insomnia, my bizarre eating habits, and my foul mouth.
  • I’ll be gone a week. Do I bring all black clothing and one pair of shoes to save space or suck it up, buy a bigger suitcase and bring my shoes and stuff? Milan is prime for shoe shopping methinks.
  • Just looking at that Lunesta butterfly makes me sleepy. Brilliant. I bet they spent 100k researching the perfect shade of soporific green. I want that job. When I was a kid I wanted to be the person that names colors.
  • Be sure to listen to Major’s blogcast this Sunday….


  1. Neil Gaiman has something new out!?  >perk<  Borders, here I come!  thanks for pointing that out.  One of the few writers I go out of my way to read.
    Enjoy Italy!

  2. For some reason, I like this new personality idea. 🙂

    Something I would love to do, alas I am not a writer. Hell, I’m barely a talker.

    Tell Dude to start playing though…Not online since July? Sheesh!

  3. My cat has a problem when I am not with him on my lap. I cannot complain that much because I have always been ‘like a cat’ (as my mom describes me), but it is a pity because I can never let him close to when I am on the PC or gaming. :(Shoes in Italy = good quality and low prices. But be careful with the weight. Extra luggage can be VERY expensive.I’m dying to listen to Maj now….. 😛 *have a smooth and safe trip*[]s

  4. Suck it up and get a bigger bag.  I’m a dude and if I go anywhere for more than 2 days I need more than one pair of shoes. 

  5. Suck it up, buy a bigger suit case and ‘forget’ your alternate pairs of shoes conviently at home…then you HAVE to go shoe shopping!!

  6. This is shameful.  There is a very well established website, now Microsoft is trying to co-opt THAT as well?!?!  Typical marketing shill … instead of ‘what games are OK for your kids’, you’ll get ‘what XBOX games are good for your kids’

  7. It’s shameful to let our customers know about the Family Settings we built into our console? Shameful to help them find the Xbox games that are fun to play with kids? I think it’s high time. Maybe I should have gone with Gamer Mom, but as our readership is mostly male I thought they might be turned off by another female columnist. Gamer Dad is not reviewing games, btw. We don’t do that on our site.

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