Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Okay, what’s going on y’all? I’ve had over 95,000 page views this week….and like six comments. What’s the deal? This is beginning to feel like an exercise in onanism. It’s lonely here in rainy Italy; I need my peeps. Bring the noise!!
For those who want to check out what me and Videomonkey have been working on, point your browser HERE.
Also, for a different spin, take a look at my friend TR1GGERMAN’s blog HERE. I met TR1G for the first time yesterday out at the Autodromo. Very nice guy. We bonded over french fries (only 2 euros, w00t!). I didn’t realize until later that it was his birthday. So happy belated bday to TR1G.

13 thoughts on “Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

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  1. Hi Trixie! I feel a bit hit by your entry here, I have your space in my Feedreader and read it as soon as you update it but I’ve never left a commment.. Sorry! That’s gonna change 🙂 You should go to Italy again in 16-19 Nov, to Rome ‘cos I’m going there then! And you should come visit Sweden!
    Take care!

  2. Sorry for the absence. I have had a crazy week and I didn’t really show up much only. I didn’t even feel the damage of the day down. :o*big hugs*

  3. Dimitris, I’d love to swing by Greece, but I’m anxious to get home for the fab Halloween party that e, kitty and I are throwing. Plus, I miss my kitten.
    Marcus, thanks so much for posting. I love hearing from you guys…sometimes I think it’s just me, Mike, Angel, Randy, Surly and K Rock over here 😉

  4. Sorry Trix – I was at D-Land.  Plus a day of lethargy.  There’s an egg-salad recall in the States.  Um, let’s see.  Not much other news!  That’s about it.  Egg Salad Recall.

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