New Personalities Page

I’m super super pumped about the redesigned Personalities page! I’m on vacation today but I’ve been online bugging the team every hour: "is it done yet?"
I think it’s AWESOME. Mad, crazy, giant props to our f’in incredible design team: Courtney, Erik, Clint, and Dusty. You guys RULE!!! And thanks to Sally for putting the pieces together and Jared for crackin’ the whip in my absence!
Check it out and let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “New Personalities Page

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  1. I think little animated people are a bit creepy, but of course that is my opinion. What I really like is the little ‘intro’ blurb on each page. I think a lot of people (myself included up until a few months ago) thought all the personalities did was, well, be personalities.

    However, Major said ‘podcast’ on his bio–Didn’t he say he would never use that term? Major ‘conforming to the man’ points +1. 🙂

  2. I think they shoulda let me write up the speech bubble 😉
    BTW, have you found what changed in your office while you were in Italy?  *whistles*

  3. That’s awesome. You guys need to do a "Real World" type project where you all have to drive in a RV together to the next E3 (or whatever it’s gonna become) or something. Then you can each blog about it from the road.

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