Halloween and Comix

Halloween party was fun. Lots of peeps showed up for scary goodness. Hef and a playboy bunny, some evil scorcerer types, a cowboy formerly known as Major Nelson, a pilot from ATI, Jeannie from "I Dream Of…" a priest (Racer X) with a catholic schoolgirl, a dead prom queen (Kim Possible) with a butcher, Zorro and his spanish honey, a vampire, evil pixie, lawyer (with devil horns), some leather clad babes, a couple crime scene investigators, a cheerleader, and a dude in an afro with a sign that said "I Yield for Hot Chicks" (skeezy peezy). MOST people took my threat to dress any non-costumed guests seriously and wore a costume. Rednex did not. Neither did Frankie from Bungie who showed up just as I was leaving and just in time to babysit a drunk Halo 3 kid.
Now I have post-Halloween let-down.
Luckily Mike made a new Trixiebot720 comic!!


  1. What should Trixiebot be for Halloween?  It is already done but I thought I would see if there are better ideas out there.  Watching the Seahawks lose gave me tons of time to get way more of these done than expected.  I may just close out the whole TrixeBot saga in one shot.

  2. I’ve thought about the Gamer/XboxDad situation at great length in relation to TriXieBot and have come to a conclusion–All I will say now is ‘Viva Pinata’.    All will be seen Episode 5, which will be a minimum 2 pager and the conclusion to the story.  I’m running out of ways to GIMP the 5 images I have of the robot. 
    To recap:
    Episode 1:  The Creation of TriXieBot 720
    Episode 2:  TriXieBot comes home, Hardcore makes her (it?) think she has gained weight
    Episode 3:  GamerSpeak with J Allard.
    Halloween Special:  TriXieBot’s Halloween Costume gets stolen.
    Episode 4:  ‘A day in the Life" (Coming Soon and with a special appearance by none other than me!)
    Episode 5:  Untitled at this point, but the close of the story.

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