Preppin’ for Peppers

Okay, not completely hating LA so far. Odd. Perhaps I’m just unreasonably giddy since chr0ma, over on said "trixie is sexier than all the Frag Dolls".  That’s the kind of sweet, if myopic, comment that makes a girl’s day.
  • No babies on my flight!
  • I actually had an empty seat next to me!
  • Cute surfer dude in my aisle, who on closer examination turned out to have hairy Robin Williams meets KoKo the gorilla arms.
  • I got the big room at the hotel, not the twin-bed extravaganza.
  • Had yummy plantain fried rice and California rolls for dinner.
  • No Pauly Shore sightings!
  • Fridge stocked with Diet Coke, Red Bull, Jack Daniels and Patron!
  • Cupboard stocked with cookies, candy, sour patch kids and Frosted Flakes!
Okay. I’m a little worked up about the zune launch. I listened to the Chili Peppers on the flight down…a sort of last hurrah for my iPod.
T-minus less than two hours!!
P.S. I miss my Pinatas. 😦

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  1. I’m glad that you decided to reply to my comment on Major’s blog, I respect that. I’m also sorry your surfer turn into a Chia Pet. I don’t know much about the comments that you made that got you in trouble but, it’s good to know that you actually care about the people you come in contact with.Tha Boondocks

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