PAX baby PAX baby, one two three!

That made no sense, I know. I’m sort of giddy with PAX anticipation (would that be Panticipation?).
Xbox is doing a bunch of cool junk this weekend, so here’s what’s what in Jet City.
2pm – PAX opens
7pm – Trix moderates the "Girls and Games, the Growing Role of Women in the Game Industry" panel in Suite B.
9pm – Trix hosts Freedom Fest at Gameworks. Freedom Fest is my fun euphemism for my re-bachelorette party. Y’all are invited.
PAX goodness all day long. Come by the Xbox booth to learn more about GamerchiX, World Cyber Games and kickass upcoming games like Mass Effect and Halo 3. Major Nelson moderates a podcasting panel too!
PAX goodness. The chiX will have airfreshner at our table, so if the gamerfunk gets too bad, stop by to refresh your nasal passages with floral goodness.


  1. Re-bachelorette party?  Interesting.  Try to keep that gamerfunk off all the lovely GamerchiX!

  2. PAX baby PAX baby, one two three! – reference to Rumpshaker? Zoom, zoom, zoom and a boom boom?Hope you had fun @ PAX

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