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Did you ever look out at the sea of nerds at PAX and just think: "It’s like they took one nerd and cloned him 40,000 times."? I have. The good news is that PAX was barely smelly this year thanks to a large space and splendid ventilation. There were pockets of funk, but we hardly even needed the ChiX booth freshener.
  • Meeting up with GamerchiX! That was by far the best part. Love my Blue Skittle babes Oopy, Kiki Kat, Mulderesque, and Ichigo Sage. Great to hang with forsakeme4all, chrissylas306, and screw it, I’ll never remember everyone and someone will get pissed and hair will get pulled. Suffice it to say I luvs me sum chix.
  • My new favorite toy, Feelz Good. He let me dress him up and put lipgloss on him. He even let me touch his underwear (unlike Master Chief). If I still had my Barbie Townhouse I would Feelz in it and keep him there forever and ever and ever…
  • FREEDOM F’in FEST baby! ALL the cool kids came to my re-bachelorette party. There were enough podcasters and bloggers there to fill each and every tube of the interweb. I made up with arch enemy MrCarpalTunnel, put weird things in Knuckles Dawson’s hair, took out of focus photos, pit my bitch KP against my almost-bitch W1ggin, caught up with former bitch Nil8r (the one who made trixie’s hair blue), threw pearljam under the bus, stuck my finger in Steve519’s dimple, chatted with DeaconBlade 360, Godfree, Avid, Godfather, Esko (who was still rockin the 360 lanyard I signed for him last PAX) chilled with Sexy Geek Maggie (it was her t-shirt I was wearing in the Pac-Man Instant Messenger video), drank shots with DaKing and GuiJ, and made people show me their tattoos. I believe I may have showed off a few tats of my own. My car got locked in the parking garage so I had to shack with the boytoy and do the walk of shame to the convention center in the way too early a.m.. OMG this party was the funnest ever. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate FREEEEEEdom!
  • Live Boothstream. Oh how much fun was this. JohnnyP set up a vision cam to broadcast booth shenanigans all day Sunday. Faces were made, nipples were pinched, tats were flashed, lamps were licked, and many odd viewer requests were filled. Kitty, Diva, Elle and I had a blast with this.
  • Ran into Fruit Brute from and we hugged and squealed. He’s going to TGS too so we’re going to hook up for a shopping trip!
  • Cheering on GamerchiX member MechAngel as she competed to be the newest Frag Doll!

Meh, I was hungover on Saturday and forgot to eat Friday. I was way nervous for my panel and almost hurled. No big whoop. PAX kicked ass.


9 thoughts on “Nerd Overload

  1. Dustin says:

    Yippie on filling odd viewer requests! I hope it was as much fun on your end as it was on ours or at least on mine.

  2. Richard says:

    CharmedPowerI second to that, we had great fun sending you requests to do. 🙂

  3. Nicholas says:

    You got rid of the Barbie townhouse?  Damn, talk about a missed opportunity.  Good times though, ❤ ya

  4. Mike says:

    I completely avoiding being in any pics.   Mission Accomplished. 

  5. Elle says:

    Whee! Yes yes, fun was had by all.
    Pearljam – You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?

  6. Steve519 says:

    Pax was a blast, I had tons of fun there.  Even watched Trixie get wasted.  She gets a little touchy feely when she gets drunk too, just to let you all know, but again, if you were at the party you knew.

  7. Steve519 says:

    and for the record I meant that in a good way, not a icky stay away way.  Trixie was a blast to hang out with.

  8. John says:

    I spent almost my entire day on that webcam, and surprisingly it was a lot more fun than you would have expected. I am also looking forward to my personalized "my gamertag is" badge 😉

  9. Bill says:

    Sounds like everyone had fun 🙂 

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