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I don’t know about you but I’ve been working my tailfeathers off this summer! I’ve been to New York, Cancun, Santa Monica and Singapore. I’ve covered the WCG US Open, Pac-Man World Championships, WCG Pan-American Championship, E3, WCG Asian Championship and Penny Arcade Expo. And now… it is time for a little R n R. 
I’m in sunny Eastern Washington for a long weekend. I meant to leave on the 3 hour drive around 9am this morning but several factors conspired against me:
  • Stayed up too late playing Bomberman with the chiX.
  • Had to nag e into helping me get my smartphone to stop being dumb.
  • Boytoy is being high-maintenance.
  • Took an hour and 15 mins to get my oil changed. (As KP pointed out: "Jiffy my ass!").
  • This girl was being a bad word to me, which made me want to stab her in the eyes.
  • Impatient MS peeps who do not get the concept of "vacation".
Now I am in this hotel I used to love in a resort town I used to visit as a kid and am hating it. It’s outrageously expensive for a craptastic facility. Seriously it’s so old they use real keys…like made out of metal. The TV is an old standard def p.o.s., and it’s just yucky and I hate it. Yes, I have been spoiled by nice hotels. And I think someone breathed their germs on me because my throat hurts. And I miss my PAX friends. Sad
Okay all done whining. What do you think–time to lose the H3 blog theme and go back to good ol’ green? or keep it up til Sept 25?

4 thoughts on “Summer fun stymied by bitchiness! Whee!

  1. joelle says:

    Oh doll, so bummed to hear it ain’t what it used to be. get some sun and a trashy magazine and your ipod (or are you still trying to eat the zune dog food?) and make the best of it.  maybe we need to upscale our next getaway…something with a spa and a good bar. Alas, we’re growin up!

  2. Daylon says:

    using old keys still? LOL  keep the theme…it’s sexay.  at least until Sept 25 even though i don’t think it fits you.  still, keep it.  i hope you don’t have the heebie jeebies on vacation though.  that would suck.  try to enjoy it though. 

  3. Bill says:

    Hahaha! Keys made of metal… Lol. I say lose the theme, and go with the green again… Or if you want try out the new Xbox 360 theme (I think it’s near the H3 theme) You can check it out on my page, I’m rockin’ it. 😀 Anyway, have fun & feel better 🙂

  4. Kiki says:

    I agree with losing the theme.  It just confuses me everytime I visit here… and me confused is not a good thing!  I am sad to hear your vaca didn’t go as you had hoped 😦 

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