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Check out Maj’s crazy ‘do in Back To Old School – a special feature for September on
Major reveals his top nine "old school" games, Hardcore tells the real-lfe lessons he’s learned from games, Elle comes out of semi-retirement to write about 10 little-known features of Xbox 360, Ryan lists the upcoming games that will make you flunk out of school, SoozyQ shows off the best school movies (including Fast Times at Ridgemont High!) and the GamerchiX Moms tell how they get their kids to balance game time and homework.
Check it out here. Warning, it may make you want to watch E.T. and bust out your old Duran Duran LPs.

13 thoughts on “Major Nelson sports a mullet, Elle’s bootylicious!

  1. Richard says:

    CharmedPowerWow, Major with a mullet thats kinda coool!

  2. SCOTT says:

    Wow, is that you TriXie on the left?  Hubba-hubba!

  3. Bill says:

    Lol, nice! Great artwork and articles 🙂 

  4. Unknown says:

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  5. Unknown says:

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