Most Annoying Playlist in the World

KP is going on vacation next week, and my goal is to infect his brain with the world’s most heinous –yet catchy– tunes so that when he sees his friends he will inadvertently hum "MMMBop" and be mocked mercilessly. Yes, I actually have lots of work to do but I left my notebook in hooperkid‘s car when he ran out of gas and I am lost without my notes.
So anyway, help me create the KP Annoyance Playlist. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
"Tearin’ Up My Heart" – Backstreet Boys
"It’s Gonna Be Me" – *NSYNC
"The Locomotion" – Kylie Minogue
"Hangin’ Tough" – New Kids on the Block
"Bye Bye Bye" – *NSYNC
"Sex You Up" – Color Me Badd
"MMMBop" – Hanson
"Only in My Dreams" – Debbie Gibson
 Remember, the rules are; it’s not enough just to be a bad song. It has to be infectious AND embarrasing. Kinda like teh krebz.


  1. Tiffany’s ‘All This Time’Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl I’m Gonna Miss You’Paula Abdul’s ‘Forever Your Girl’Please don’t stop until he cries tears of blood.   Kthx.

  2. Ice Ice Baby is the greatest song of all time.  You have shamed your family SuperRob.  Shame. 

  3. I can remember going on sprink break my senior year in high school and cussing out basically all my friends because they wouldn’t stop playing this stupid Backstreet Boys song.  Sorry that I can’t remember which song, but I know there are some late 90’s Fat Boy Slim songs that would drive anyone insane.

  4. OK, for those Gamer Dad’s out there – add in the theme from ‘Dora the Explorer’  ….There’s NOTHING worse than catching yourself mumbling/singing that in an adult environment."Dora, dora, dora the exlorrrrraaaaaaaaa"

  5. These are the songs they in the elevator to Hell: 
     – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley 
     – ‘Heart Beat’ by Don Johnson
     – ‘Party All The Time’ by Eddie Murphy
    There – I just ruined my day – lol

  6. In addition to Achy Break Heart (which I’m glad Cluskevird suggested – it’s an essential part of any bad collection of music), here are a few that I thought ofThe Macarena – ???Blue – Eiffel 65The Thong Song – SisqoWe are the world – Michael jackson and friendsPretty much anything by TLCAnything by somebody who had a career in something other than music and f**ked it all up (Shaq, Eddie Murphy, Randy Savage)I ran so far away – Flock of SeagullsWe built this city – ???Kokomo – The Beach BoysBarbie Girl – AquaWe like to party – vengaboysOpposites attract – Paula abdul (most of he stuff would be useful for this list, actually)I saw the sign – ace of basedanger zone – ???too sexy for my shirt – tommy whats his facebawitaba – kid rockwhat if god was one of us – ???black betty – ram jamcome sail away – styxyou’re beautiful – ??? something taylor? james maybe?pretty much all of the village peoples stuffgettin jiggy with it – will smithspin me round like a record – ???throw in some spice girls…livin la vida loca – ricky martinmy heart will go on – celine dionMmmmmmmmmmm – crash test dummieseverbody have fun tonight – wang chun or whateveri think ill stop…. KP is already in for a rough trip

  7. Wow…e songs make me weep in sympathy.  What did this guy do?  Kill every pet you ever had (and ever will have)?
    Here are a couple that I may or may not have in iTunes as I type.
    Dancin’ Queen – ABBA
    Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles 
    YMCA – The Village People
    More than a Woman – BeeGees
    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
    Queen of Memphis – Confederate Railroad…
    That’s just some…
    And as for those songs, I’m not in the habit of explaining myself…  😉

  8. Yo Trixie, what is "Sex You Up" doing on that list? That song was hot girl! Puuulease!!
    How about adding the entire MC Hammer collection! "Can’t touch this…."…"Can’t touch this…."

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