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Here are the top 25 Gamertags served by in the month of October
  1. agent arenas
  2. Major Nelson
  3. Oslayer
  4. souljaboytellem
  5. TJ Scoot
  6. frankie
  7. trixie360
  8. dukerdog
  9. sufoor
  10. dirtydiva
  11. e
  12. PMS Kitty
  13. nizmojoe
  14. LiL Poison
  15. gamewithdev1
  16. yhslaw
  17. DGgeoff
  18. mwils1
  19. phredhowl
  20. nswardson
  21. lt wasp
  22. cc99999
  23. valveartist1
  24. ske7ch
  25. valvewriter

More Friends of TriXie in the top 500:

27. fourzerotwo
35. Knuckles Dawson
48. DeaconBlade 360
53. bear
59. Anchorman Mazda
68. bs angel
78. k4rn4ge
114. cpaladino
131. koolaye
179. kiki kat
186. VV O Ren Ishii
220. CoyAndChris
245. Crecente
279. master chief
281. cheapyd
439. Fruit Brute 67
453. Lit Bomb

29 thoughts on “Top Gamertags for October

  1. Steve519 says:

    whos agent arenas?

  2. Chris says:

    trixie check that list again, where the hell am i.. lol i am sad.. lol. :)gt: avid x3ro

  3. Nicholas says:

    It is quite an honour to finally make this list.
     Thank you TriXie for posting it.

  4. Brad says:

    @ Steve 519: Thats Gilbert Arenas. Playing in the NBA for the Washington Wizards, wears number 0. Is known for "boosting" in Halo 3. google search for more info.Hey TriXie is there a universal list that everyone can see? Or is it for MS employees only?

  5. Scratch says:

    I’m guilty of looking up some of those names.

  6. Scott says:

    I only load up Trixie’s to try and boost her score…  Apparently I don’t spend enough time in class doing so, since she’s not winning…

  7. Jared543 says:

    Ive actually played with a few of em on the list, pretty cool.

  8. ♥Stacey♥ says:

    I know quite a few of those… Interesting to see who gets searched for…

  9. Daylon says:

    forgot to add a big W00T! for October…48 baby! nice.  ok, what does this mean again? lol

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