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If you’re in the US, you’ve probably seen this video on Inside Xbox, but here’s the link. Peter Moore is the coolest.
  • Other fun stuff from the Madden Bowl:
  • I got to interview Willis McGahee and Patrick Willis
  • Recruited Kellen Winslow’s wife to GamerchiX (well Kiki did)
  • I learned never to wear four inch heels to a long event again
  • Chris Erb from EA Tiburon is teh awesomz
  • People in AZ are superfriendly and nice

Now Video Monkey and I are off to the Grammy Awards in LA.

3 thoughts on “Peter Moore at the Madden Bowl

  1. Scott says:

    You and Peter Moore were priceless on Inside Xbox…  Rippin’ on Teh Major is always priceless comedy…

  2. Bill says:

    Yea I saw that video on Inside Xbox. Pretty cool. Peter Moore really is a cool guy.

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