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This Saturday I’ll be doing a presentation about community and stuff at UCLA as part of a graduate school conference called iFutures: Systems, Selves, Society.
If you live in the LA area, and can give up your Saturday morning cartoons, I’d love to see some friendly faces in the crowd. I’m super nervous and would definitely appreciate the moral support!!
Here are the details: It’s from 9 – 10:30am at the Northwest Campus Auditorium on the UCLA campus. It’s free to get in, but there’s some sort of parking cost.
If you can’t make it, do you have any advice for me? Besides picturing the audience in their skivvies? Wink

32 thoughts on “TriXie Goes to College

  1. Scratch says:

    Whatever you do. Do not picture them in their skivvies.  It would be too embarrassing to explain why you started laughing hysterically for no known reason.  Also at the end of the speech say "There are 10 million of us on Xbox Live!, so join us and jump in."

  2. Luigi says:

    Wow, here’s some sincere moral support Trixie! Go you, wish I could be there

  3. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Just tell the story you know of growth through your own eyes; what worked and what didn’t.  Also, and especially tell about the Gamerchix and its growth.  The best presenters are those who are passionate about their subjects and don’t recite theories or hypothesis, but those who relate flesh-and-bone experiences.  You’ll do just great and the audience will be better for it!!!!!
    Oh and don’t go by any frat-boy houses UNTIL after the presentation.  Don’t want to see you in the sunglasses like last years visit to LA, eh?

  4. Ali says:

    From a public-speaking point of view, take as few notes with you as possible – just a couple of bullet points of maybe the broad areas you want to cover, and nothing else.  I think that presenters that rely on notes too much, or worse still a "script" lose the passion for their subject and it stops the personality of the presenter shining through.  Just be yourself, make mistakes, and feel free to be informal – people appreciate the personality just as much as they appreciate the topic.  And the best way to calm the nerves is to treat the experience as if you’re talking to one or two people.

  5. kLaUs says:

    you make a segment for 10 million people in live, and you are nervous for this ? come on, you’ll be fine, no need for a build up. True what someone said, be as informal as you can, that way you’ll be me more comfortable and surely a lot funnier. Good luck !Btw that pic : " Miss trixie, what have we told you about taking your clothes off in public events ?"

  6. Christa says:

    That is awesome advice everyone, thank you SO much. kLaUs, when I film Community Confidential I can’t SEE the 10 million people looking at me!
    Thanks again everybody for your support!

  7. Bill says:

    You’ll befine trixie, you have a lot of confidence already. You do Inside Xbox, and a lot of work for I can’t imagine how much more you can be prepared for this. Just imagine the audience as your fellow colleagues, or maybe that you’re giving a lecture on the topic to a bunch of monkeys or babies that don’t know anything. Lol You’ll do great trixie

  8. Scott says:

    You’ll rock it out, TriXie, I know it…
    I wish it were next week, so I could actually be there (Break start the 7th, and I’m itching to travel…  suggestions?)
    When you get to town, see if there’s an In-an-Out Burger around.  get a Double Double (Animal Style), and prear to rock their world…

  9. Surly Duff says:

    I’m late…but so what.Tricks for talking:Know your material and be confident.  You do those two things and the passion for the content will come out.  That’s it.  I’ve already briefed two 3 star admirals in my short career with no problems with that preparation.

  10. Robert says:

    Hi Trixie, How did this gig come to be?Pete

  11. Scratch says:

    How was it??

  12. Unknown says:

    I was there. You did great! Best invited talk in the whole conference…

  13. Ali says:

    Hey, how did it go?

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