All goodness

I kicked that keynote’s ass and made it write bad checks. For some weird reason I wasn’t as nervous as I dreaded and once I got going, it was no big deal. The audience was great. Not many gamers among them but they seemed interested in what we’re doing with community stuff at Xbox. They laughed a lot (in the right places!) and asked good questions. Afterwards lots of them came up to talk to me and some other universities expressd an interest in having me come talk at their schools. And there was another really cool possibility that I’m super stoked about, but don’t want to jinx by talking about yet.
After the thing my friend Joelleybean (who came with me for moral support because she’s the best friend EVER) and I went to Santa Monica to find some sunshine and lunch. We saw Paris Hilton with a chihuahua puppy that I mistook for a rat. Joelleybean gave her the stink eye, but I was too surprised to punch her in the throat as I’ve long vowed to do should our paths ever cross. Next time, Paris.
Tomorrow Video Monkey and I head off to Hannover, Germany for the World Cyber Games European Championship. We’re meeting up with AceyBongos where we shall tag-team some videos for Inside Xbox UK and USA. Acey has promised to bail me out of jail should the need arise. Maybe I can even get him to punch Paris for me!


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, Trixie.  Glad you weren’t nervous like you thought you would be.  I’m so sorry your eyes were assaulted by Paris Hilton & her pet rat!  I hope you get in that uppercut next time.  😉 
    I’m jealous that you’re heading to Germany.  I have family there & was there a few months ago but would love to go back.  Enjoy the WCG and enjoy the great German beer! 

  2. Look after our Acey in Germany Trixie 🙂  Great country it is.
    Glad the speach went without a hitch as well 😀

  3. Congrats on a great keynote Trix and have fun in Germany, I hear it’s the land of chocolate…

  4. Happy to hear to did really well at your keynote!! Paris should bring an extra bodyguard next time to withstand the wrath of trixie =0  lol

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