Finally in Germany

The first part of the trip went well. Other than I started packing and couldn’t seem to stop until i filled two suitcases. Really, how many black tshirts did I think I’d need in five days? Anyway flight to A’dam was cool. Watched Juno, read Esquire and the Economist (uh, and In Style). Video Monkey and I arrive in Amsterdam tired but ready to get on our lil turboprop for a short flight to Hannover. DENIED. German airport dudes are on strike and our flight was cancelled. Not "let’s rebook you on another flight", but "F you, mesdames and mesieurs and take the f’in train". First waited an hour for our bags. Then another hour in line for train tickets. One dirty swap-meet train, a frigid wait on a freezing platform at Armsfoort or something like that and a mad dash to jump up on the train with both heavy bags later and we were cozy in our seats on the good train to Hannover. Got a great pic of Video Monkey crashed out on the train. He looks like a dead horse with his mouth hanging open.
Anyway three hours laterish we arrive in Hannover, hop in a cab for the short ride to the hotel, and all is now well. I took a nap then me and VidMonkey met BFF Lindsey, WCG Paulie, and AceyBongos for dinner in the lobby. I had some very rare meat which Acey and Paulie helped me finish off.
Things I like so far:
It’s sunny!
Everyone speaks English!
Euros are pretty!
I’m out of the office!
I get to hang out with BFF Lindsey who I haven’t seen since October!
Things I don’t like:
300 US Dollars turned into 180 pretty Euros
My bedspread is crazy-ugly
The shower is smaller than a phone booth. No turning around, and difficult even to lift one’s arms to shampoo. I am 5’4". How do normal-sized people deal?
Coke Light exists but comes in miniscule bottles. Unacceptable.


  1. I know what you mean about small showers.  I was at a hotel in Paris (France, not Hilton, lol) that if you dropped the soap, you reached in the mini bar to retrieve it.

  2. Damn sounds like a long trip, and I should now, I take a similar route like that to Europe every summer (except to Frankfurt, then hop onto a connecting flight) Anyway, have fun in Germany 😀

  3. I just realized that you’re trip was WAY more tiring than mine since you live in WA and I live in NY. Lol

  4. You should be able to get 1,5 litre bottles of Coke at any supermarket. 🙂 Have fun in my town of birth (which is quite ugly)!

  5. lol @ your last twitter’ , you were dying in that room because you didnt find the heat ? lovely.too bad about the trip, anyway have a nice stay there !

  6. Man, that sucks about your flight.  Glad you made it OK though. 
    Yeah, isn’t it great how well everyone there can speak English?  It makes things much easier for us ‘ol dumb on-languagers.  😉  I know what you mean about the exchange rate too.  It’s even worse in England. 
    The shower size is, unfortunately, pretty common in Europe.  It was tough for me.  I’m a big guy (240lbs & 6’3"). 
    I had no Coke in Europe.  It was crazy expensive.  What’s that about? 
    Have fun Trixie.  🙂 

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