Off to Germany for WCG Grand Final

This is it: the culmination of months of practice, sore thumbs, raised hopes, giant checks, and for those that didn’t make it this far, dashed dreams. It’s time for the 2008 Grand Final of World Cyber Games. Myself and Video Monkey, Marathon Girl, hooperkid are off to Cologne, Germany for this momentous event. TriXies Marine is along for the ride too. Besides watching our Team USA defend the overall gold they won in Seattle last year, we’re going to check out the Cathedral and the chocolate museum. 
Some Wikitrix points:
  • Cologne is the 4th largest city in Germany
  • It was founded by the Romans in 38 BC (a mere six years after Julius Caesar’s assassination)
  • Cologne Cathedral is supposedly the final resting place of the bones of the Three Wise Men




  • Cologne’s patron saint is Ursula, who was accompanied by an army of 11,000 virgins who were all slaughtered by Atila the Hun.
  • Cologne was once a part of Napolean’s Empire and was still subject to the Napoleonic Code until 1900. (Streetcar Named Desire fans know what the Code is)
  • The Western Allies bombed the living crap out of Cologne in WWII. The city suffered 262 air raids.
  • The Royal Airforce staged "Operation Millennium" in Cologne. In May 1942 1,046 heavy bombers attacked Cologne with 1,455 tons of explosives. The raid lasted 75 minutes and did a lot of bad things. How bad? This is what Cologne looke like in 1945, by which time it had lost 95% of its population.



  • Cologne’s football team is known as the billygoats. Hehehehe.


  • I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do over there, but watch our coverage on Inside Xbox and You can also follow me on twitter.


  1. Y’know, TriXie, I think the part about your job I envy the most is all the great traveling you get to do.  😉 

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