A Year of Kindle

I have had my Kindle for almost a year now. I ordered it a year ago tomorrow… I think it was the first day you COULD order them.
Anyway, here’s my assessment: The Kindle is the best thing EVER! I’m reading more because of it, and my ONLY complaint is that it is awkward to use with a book that has footnotes. Here are some fun Trixie Kindle stats:
  • Books purchased on the Kindle: 87
  • Pages I read electronically instead of on paper: Approximately 26,000
  • Trees I saved: 1/3 (A bit disappointing)
  • Cost of the Kindle: $399.99 (the price has since dropped)
  • Money spent on Kindle books: Approx $750.00
  • Money SAVED buying the digital version of books: $757.47
  • 1st book I bought on my Kindle: "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz
  • Book I’m currently reading on my Kindle: "Just After Sunset: Stories" by Stephen King
  • Most expensive Kindle book I purchased: "Not in the Flesh" by Ruth Rendell. Price $16.02.
  • Least expensive Kindle book I purchased: "The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes" for 99 cents.

All hail the mighty Kindle!


  1. Think it looks a bit clunky, but still a bit excited for when its released over here. 🙂
    oh and 1/3 of a tree may sound small, but if a billion people ended up using one, thats 333 million trees saved a year 🙂

  2. My wife’s been wanting one since launch, but she was thinking of waiting for the 2nd gen.  Perhaps I shouldn’t wait that long.  I’ve heard lately it may be a while before the next redesign. 

  3. I need to get my grandma into the 21st century, and since she reads alot, one of these would be perfect. But it’s too much right now… Maybe someday

  4. I can’t get around the form factor of it but I have promised myself that I will buy Kindle 2.0.

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