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Sweat the Small Stuff

By ‘sweat’ I don’t mean get all freaked out. I mean enjoy the small stuff, like you would a soak in a jacuzzi or that endorphine high after a great workout.

Here are some little things that make me happy. I’ve trained myself to pause a moment and enjoy them.

  • Crushed ice – Turns any beverage into a slushy delight. I’ve joked that I’d drink pee if it was over crushed ice.
  • Great-smelling shampoo – Envelope your noggin in a cloud of delicious.
  • Seeing the moon in the daytime – Oh hello there, night-time friend.
  • When the baby learns a new word – Last night she debuted two new ones: Moon “moo” and Froggy “woggy”
  • Singing in the car – No one can hear you; bust it out!
  • Learning something new – It doesn’t have to be Sanskrit or string theory. Today I learned how to geo-target Facebook posts. Schwing!
  • Unexpected sunshine – In Seattle, this can boost your mood 10x.
  • A perfect french fry – Look no further than McDonald’s.
  • A triple peanut – An extra lumpy mutant with a bonus nut. Rare and fabulous.


  • Accidental weight loss – Not due to illness, but when your pants zip a little easier one morning. Surprise!
  • Favorite song on the radio – Out of nowhere, you hear the opening notes of your all-time fave. For me it’s “Brown-Eyed Girl”
  • Money – Finding any bill bigger than a one in your pocket that you forgot about.
  • Kissing sleeping babies – Lucky me I get to do this every night…for now. They grow up.
  • Cats washing their face – How cute is this? Also adorable: cats chasing dust motes in a sunbeam.
  • Funny stuff – Laughing is awesome. Even better is a funny thing that’s funny over and over. Someone I follow on twitter once told me her family refers to Law & Order as “donk-donk”, and L&O: SVU as “donk-donk in the butt”. EVERY time I hear the “donk-donk” sound, I crack up.
  • Waking up – Yeah it’s a pain when you haven’t had enough sleep or have a tough day ahead, but hey! You’re breathing! You get another day on the planet to kick some ass and find some little stuff to make you happy – even if it’s just for a minute.

So, dear readers, what little things make you happy? Cracking open the first Diet Coke of the day? Thinking you’ve eaten the last M&M but finding one left in the bag? Winning a belching contest?


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4 thoughts on “Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. I love it when a favourite – especially an old favourite – song comes on the radio. Even if it’s a song I own, the serendipity of it randomly playing brightens me up. The other day I heard Dyslexic Heart on the radio in the van, and it changed my mood for the rest of the day. Such a perky song, but it’s not like I’m going to go digging for the Singles soundtrack in the basement to play it. Love those random happenstances.

  2. McDonalds for good fries though? I’d take Burger King fires over McD’s any day…

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