There’s Nothing Awesome About Charlie Sheen

Besides the fact that he’s batshit crazy and self-destructive, let’s talk about the people he hurts. Namely, women. He ‘accidentally’ shot his ex-fiancee in the arm. He threatened his most recent wife with a knife to the throat. His fits of rage cause New York hookers to cower in closets.

This guy is “awesome”?  Beating and threatening women is cool? Using illegal drugs is rad? Surrounding yourself with hookers for decades is worthy of envy?

All of these things are reprehensible and illegal. Why isn’t this asshole locked up?  Instead we get stuff like this:

Are you kidding me?

Does this man have a mother?

2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Awesome About Charlie Sheen

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  1. Well said. But sadly I think the main reason why folks are even paying him attention is… He’s a human train wreck. People can’t look away from the carnage.

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