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Here’s why my house is a disaster: There is always something more pressing than cleaning. For instance, this weekend I planned to get some major spring cleaning done (at least as much as the baby would allow), but then a project came in late Friday that has consumed my weekend. This is my job; I can’t tell a VP ‘Sorry, but I need to do the laundry and my bathtub needs scrubbing’, and this project has a Monday deadline. Since I have meetings and calls all day Monday for another project, this one has to be done by tonight.

So. The spring cleaning must be delayed. Will I get anything done during the week? Ha. Next weekend? Perhaps!

Drop the chocolate chips, soldier!

I need some of those lazy ass Keebler elves to come clean up. This would help me out, and also reduce the cookies in the world that contribute to the American childhood obesity problem, which is a pet cause of our First Lady. In fact, I think an Executive Order is necessary here and that President Obama should order those elves–as their Commander in Chief– to put down the cookie dough and grab a mop. And they should bring Snap Crackle and Pop with them!

One thought on “Deadlines

  1. Screw the Elves, remember when just twisting an OREO would do the trick?!

    ❤ Grim

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