PAX Prime: What Me Do

Some of my very best gaming memories are PAX-related. From my first encounter with gamerstench back at PAX #2, to my Freedom Fest/Re-Bachelorette/Bad Behavior I Don’t Remember Party in 2007 to showing off my hawt Marine fiance in 2008, a good time was had by me.  After bringing an infant to ’09 and skipping  ’10, I am back in PAX action this weekend. If you’re hitting up the Penny Arcade Expo (that little descriptor is for my 3 non-gaming readers) I’ll be taking part in three panels. Herewith:

Friday 6-7pm Raven Theatre

Can Mommy And Daddy Come Over to Play? The Truth About Being a Gamer Parent

On the panel besides me: Jessica Shea @bsangel [Community Manager, 343i], Justin Korthof @sixokay [Community Manager, Robot Entertainment], Jeff Green @greenspeak  [Director of Editorial & Social Media, PopCap Games], Stephanie Bayer @NSSteph [Customer Engagement Lead, PopCap Games], Jamileh Delcambre @jamileh Community Manager, AT&T.

Unless one of these people has MORE than three kids, I believe Hawty McBloggy and I are tied for Most Fruitful.

Saturday 10:30 – 11:30 Serpent Theatre
Infinite Respawn: How Gaming Can Keep & Save Your Relationship

Panelists include: Chris Brown @leftybrown [Site Owner & Host, The Married Gamers], Aubrey Norris [Deep Silver], Dan Amrich @oneofswords  [Activision], Elizabeth Parmeter [Editor-In-Chief, GamingAngels], Zachary Snell

I have a lot more to say about this subject now that I can sex up my husband in Sims Social.

Sunday 11:30 – 12:30 Kraken Theatre
What Women Really Want

I’m a last-minute replacement for Trina Schwimmer of Gaming Angels, but I will do my best to both make her proud and to cause shock and awe. Besides me, you will be treated to the delights of: Susan Arendt [Senior Editor, The Escapist],  Kathleen De Vere [Actor, LoadingReadyRun], AJ Glasser [Journalist, Inside Social Games], Brittany Aubert [Associate Producer, 5th Cell]

Warning: I don’t work for a corporate behemoth anymore; gloves off, baby!

If you’d like to actually know what these panels are about or peruse the weaksauce shit that will be happening the rest of the weekend, I urge you to visit the full PAX Schedule.

See you there!

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  1. Congrats on finally making it back to PAX, after your hiatus! The gf and I are eagerly anticipating our departure for Seattle to join you and others in the fun (we are finally attending and we’re looking to start a tradition).

    Break a leg in your panels, we will make sure to catch at least one of them.

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