words about words

I know this sounds super weird, but this shit is, as Jean-Ralfio said, De-LOY-shus. Peanut. Butter. Miso. Cookies. Boom.

Oh hellz to the yes! Look at that sparkly-ass Demerara.

This recipe is from the New York Times, which typically likes to throw in some whacktastic ingredients that you will need to a: Google, and b: discover that your local Safeway doesn’t carry.

The larval stage. Chill your balls in the fridge overnight for optimal yumminess.

The whackadoo substance in this delight is merely Demerara sugar. What the fuck is that? It’s brown sparkly sugar! Oh New York Times, get over yourself.

A match made in flavor heaven.

Miso, you ask? The stuff in my soup? Yes. The miso cuts the nut butter with a non-nutty flave, and the Jif cuts the, weirdness of the miso. The finished cookie is not too sweet, not too nutty, chewy and crispy in perfect proportion.

I REALLY like them. The kid fed hers to the dog, though. So your mileage may vary. With all the supercalifragisweet treats around this time of year, this is a nice change.

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