How you say idiot in Italian?

Okay, so after fumbling in the dark for ages trying to turn on the light in my hotel room bathroom I finally went down to the front desk. They sent up a bellboy who mimed for me that you have to stick your room key in this weirdass slot in order to make the lights work. Wha? That’s not exactly intuitive. And what is the deal with that? To conserve energy? You must be present to win? Perplexing.
Trip highlights so far:
  • Sunday I had a near miss with my laptop. I bought this iGo charger thing that was supposed to eliminate the need to bring battery chargers for my camera, cell phone and laptop. BUT I had the model number wrong, and when I plugged it into my laptop it killed it. ALMOST had to call my boss and take a Brit beating, but decided to suck it up and call Toshiba first! Luckily taking out the battery and putting it back in brought my trusty laptop back from the dead.
  • Same dude at Radio Shack that talked me into the iGo sold me two electrical adapters. I’d told him I was going to Italy. Turns out my adapters work everywhere in continental Europe except Italy and Switzerland. Luckily the front desk loaned me one. And one will have to suffice as there is only one electrical outlet in the room. I’m not super stoked about Radio Shack right now.
  • So, TriX, how many crying babies were on your flight? I’m glad you asked, boys and girls. There were THREE. A crier, a screecher and a whiner. I actually like babies and little kids. I worked in a Montessori preschool and even served time as a nanny believe it or not. But DAAAMN Gina, they need a sound proof booth at the back of the plane for babies. It just isn’t fair to inflict your offspring’s earsplitting screams on a whole plane of trapped people!
  • Luckily I had my noise-cancelling headphones and I watched The Breakup, A Scanner Darkly, and Aliens. Plus I played Bejeweled.
  • My room has one bed, so my roomie, who arrives tomorrow will have to be happy with the floor, as I met this woman once for about 5 minutes (which made it surprising that she’d call and ask to crash in my room), but needless to say there shall be no spooning.


  1. I’m glad you’re finding yourself at ease in Milan. LOL
    I’ll help with any translations needed… yes, that includes “idiot” if you want :o)

  2. Here you go, just say this whenever you meet someone:

    Ciao, il mio nome è Trixe. Non posso erogare il combustibile per il mio automobile o accendere le mie luci. Sono lento in quelle cose ma li distruggerò in Zuma.

  3. What’s up with you and hotel rooms with one bed?  Didn’t you end of spooning Elle on a previous trip?  The key and light switch thing leaves me puzzled, but I would have been more shocked if the key was essential to use the toilet.
    Whew on the laptop.  If the ring of death has tought us anything, it is always remove all power sources from your electronical device to do a full power down in an attempt to reset it.

  4. As for the light switch, did you end up at one of those stupid "boutique" hotels like the Hudson in NYC?

  5. I have a damn baby sitting across from me in the airport right now. I’m pissed. I forgot to wear my "I hate babies" t-shirt. At least it’s only a 1.5 hour flight. UGH UGH – plus, someone around here smells like wet cheese…

  6. As a parent who has flown with a baby, let me say this: Any discomfort you feel, imagine it times 10 and welcome to the world of the average parent. (I say average because there are SOME folks that don’t care, but I would say that is the exception, not the rule).

    What always gets me is no one ever has an issue complaining about kids, but forget that they were one once too.

  7. Never consider yourself an idiot for things like that… the name idiot is reserved for people like that idiot at Radio Shack  –   and for the record I’ve been boycotting Radio Shack for the last 10 – 15 years after the stunt they pulled on my Mom…  and that was from a so-called Manager at the place.  I’d add another name for them but I don’t want to have to wash my mouth out with soap   :p
    Just be thankful that you didn’t have a keypad and have to punch in a 12 digit code in order to turn on the lights  :p

  8. Ok….will someone please explain what the hell "spooning" is? Kinda sounds dirty lol. It makes me quiver like saying, "dirty sanchez."

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