Super Bowl: The Decision

I don’t really care about either of the teams. For me the Super Bowl means one thing: the Chili Bowl hosted by my friend KP. Last year the wicked spicy variety was named “The Devil’s Taint.” Last year I rooted for the Saints because they deserved some goodness after Hurricane Katrina. Also my high school BFF Lisa lives there now.

So who to root for this year? I have no attachment to either team. It’s cool that they’re both blue-collar favorites, but other than that… whatever.

As far as friends go, my pal Shannon who is awesomely cool and works on Kinect is a Steelers fan. But on the other hand my friend Andy is from Milwaukee and he made my first –and only– trip to New Orleans a blast (and didn’t try to force a lapdance on me at a strip club like some other people).

Then I hit on a brilliant idea: I hate Republicans, so I will root for the team from the state that went Blue in the last election. I was pretty sure Wisconsin had gone Red. But, to my surprise, both states were Blue. Cool, but that didn’t help in my decision-making.

So, I went to the advisory council. My husband reminded me that I have a Brett Favre Packers jersey from Maddenpalooza. Okay cool. Then my friend Drew pointed out that all true Raiders fans hate the Steelers and so must root for the Packers. I pre-date the Seahawks, and my family is from the Bay Area. I was raised on the Raiders.

So, yeah. Go Packers.

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