Latest Obsessions

Kid 1 is all over this book, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I don’t know what it’s about but he spent up to an hour at a time on the can over the weekend because he was reading this. As soon as he read the last page he said “I’m gonna read it again,” and turned to chapter one.

Kid 2 was home sick all last week plus Monday. I believe she spent 98% of that time on the couch with my blanket watching episode after episode of Bones on Netflix via Xbox LIVE. Maybe she’s in love with Booth. At least she has good taste in men, right?

Kid 3 loves Danino yogurt. Actually it’s not even yogurt, it is a “Dairy Snack.” Since she refuses to drink milk, it’s all good. The other night I came home from work a bit late and she was asleep in the highchair covered in a thick coat of “yogo” from stem to stern. It looked like Kabuki makeup. For her, it’s got to be Danino, and it must be served in the teeny little cup.

Et moi? I’m tearing my way through the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Mercedes is a mechanic in the Tri Cities of Washington State who is a walker. That means she can shift into coyote when she feels like it. She’s also smart and cynical and rad. She pals around with some werewolves and vampires and fae. It sounds like the kind of book I’d normally mock someone for reading but I’m really enjoying it.


  1. If you like this series, you might enjoy some of Kim Harrison’s books – like _Dead Witch Walking_.

    Also, Jim Butcher’s _Dresden Files_ is also urban fantasy and has some of the same flair, but with a male protagonist, and, my lady friends tell me, a certain percentage of male-centric humor thrown in, which could potentially be a turn off.

    In totally other other news, for no reason other than I just read it and REALLY loved it, I want to enthusiastically recommend Walter Williams _This is Not a Game_ 🙂

  2. I Love the urban fantasy stuff, and the Mercy Thompson books are right at the top of the list.

    You’d like the Dresden Files, too, even with the male protagonist who more than occasionally let’s his very male attitudes show. Harry Dresden is a complete wise-ass who grew up watching the same TV as people our age, and that’s only part of what makes these books awesome.

  3. Christa.. yogurt must do wonders for Allies complexion and hair! Maybe I should try rubbing yogurt all over!

    I agree about Harrisons Hollows series as well, I really like the more adult take on the fae where the characters are more everyday and rough and tough and not willowy and wispy and glittery (and the pixies are bad ass!).

    Brian.. I have suggested she read the Sookie Stackhouse series as well since she loves True Blood.. but she has refused to. The books are soooooo good. I actually like all of Charlaine Harris’s book on audio because whoever she has doing the reading is an awesome speaker and I really enjoy listening to them.

  4. switching to Amazon to check out “The Lies…”
    God I love my Kindle!
    If you like Mercy Thompson you might try Carrie Vaughn “Kitty and the Midnight Hour.” Good humor.

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